How I cured my insomnia

I love the holidays. I hate cleaning up the aftermath. I’m not talking about the empty smudged champagne glasses or the popcorn kernels littering the carpet after watching the twentieth Christmas movie. What I mean is how utterly crapola I feel after too many holiday indulgences and an off-the-rails sleep pattern. The festive indulging this year was… [Read More]

25 years of running (Part II)

In Part I we established that Spandex was not yet in vogue in the 90s. Today we move into the 21st century! 2004 – In this Olympic year, my husband Piero was head of the Italian Olympic Marathon Team for Athens. We spent most of our summer in St.Moritz, Switzerland and Predazzo, Italy. Evan was learning… [Read More]

25 years of running (Part I)

Happy New Year’s everyone! While thinking back on how great last year turned out to be, accidents and all, I realised I’d forgotten an important milestone: in 2015 I celebrated 25 years of running! Twenty five years! My immediate thought was, I should write about that. I kept procrastinating though because, well, I couldn’t quite decide what to say. Was it… [Read More]

Running out of time? Here’s some running gift ideas!

In case I’m not the only one who’s been in denial that Christmas is this week, for crying out loud… I wanted to mention we do have some nice wee last minute presents ideas here for your consideration! Gift Certificates The ultimate for those who choose to fly by the seat of ones pants – gift certificates! They’re available for our… [Read More]

Tea and Inspiration for 2016

I’ve been training my local group of ladies for five years now. What I love the most about working with them is seeing them evolve, physically and mentally. They all began with a 5K race and have gone on to longer distance and races. They encourage and inspire each other; no one is ever left behind. I like to… [Read More]

How to run while travelling (and keep peace in the family)

Last weekend Shauna and I had a meet up in Amsterdam to discuss some very very important Up & Running business. 😉 We try and see each other in person at least once (ideally twice) a year, and Amsterdam is one of our magic cities. The positive vibes are strong, new ideas flow. and our energy gets… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman Barcelona Race Report – Part IV

Today we conclude Julia’s epic Ironman tale. Here’s Part III if you missed it. The run course was crowded and crazy. We were about 8.5 hours into the race and the pro athletes were finishing up. There were almost two thousand triathletes running on a ten kilometre loop fighting for space. On the narrow parts of… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman Barcelona Race Report – Part III

Continued from Part I and Part II. I did a complete clothing change in T1. I wanted to be comfortable on the bike since I’d be on that saddle for most of the day. My left hand strength is still not what it used to be before the accident so it took a little more… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman Barcelona Race Report – Part II

Today we continue Julia’s epic race report. Here’s Part I if you missed it! Ironman Barcelona is not actually in the city of Barcelona but rather a beachside resort town thirty miles east called Calella. Our hotel in Calella was smack in front of the finish line with a view of the beach. During lunch… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman Barcelona Race Report – Part I

I signed up for Ironman Barcelona last December while traveling home by train after Christmas. As I checked my email, an advert popped out saying there were only fifty places, hurry and grab one. After Ironman Zurich I thought I wanted to wait another two years before racing another, but Ironman Barcelona was to be held… [Read More]