Let’s train for a 10K together!

After living so many months with the Mysterious Fever I’m feeling like myself again and let me tell you, it’s nothing short of a miracle. In addition to wonderful things like waking up rested in the morning and being able to think straight, I’m back to a normal training schedule. Sort of.


My sister invited me to stay at her house for the summer. She lives in Kaua’i. I don’t visit often because the trek to the other side of the planet is not easy to organize but with a few months to absorb the twelve hour time difference I decided to take the plunge.

Running here is not easy! If you run along the shoreline it can (sometimes) be pretty flat. Any other road you find besides the beach is either up or down at a 10% grade. But I make it work because I’m so happy just to be able to be out there! I power walk up the hills, I sprint down them… then do the reverse. I’ve added hiking trails to the mix which has really toned up my legs.

Last week I was still feeling a little off centre, like something was still missing and then I figured it out: I needed a training programme. So I sat like a complete idiot thinking for a good ten minutes before the thought popped into my head. “Why don’t you just sign up for your own 10k programme? It’s a freakin’ no brainer!”

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll start the 10K Course next Thursday July 21st with Warm up Weekend and then begin training on Monday July 25th.

As with all of our courses I’ll be keeping an online diary in our Forum. If you’ve ever thought about taking our 10k self paced course this could be a great time to do it. The more runners the merrier… I’d love to have some company!

You can sign up here for Up & Running’s 10k course to virtually train alongside Julia for your next 10k! 


  1. Anne
    I'm ready to start 10km training Julia. I'll keep you company!
  2. Julia
    YES!!!! Can't wait!