Up & Running - Discover the life changing magic of running

After nine fabulous years, we’ve retired our online courses. Huge thanks to the thousands of wonderful women who ran with us! Our book UP & RUNNING is still available, and the U&R Alumni community forum lives on. Keep in touch with Shauna at shaunareid.com and Julia at juliajones.it.

Discover the life changing power of running

Up and Running book

Julia and Shauna’s program allows you to build a solid foundation of fitness and understand what it takes to be a runner. Unlike most programs, you’ll be doing running drills right away that will teach you good technique and healthy habits. You’ll be set up for a lifetime of running.
– Bart Yasso, CRO, Runner’s World

If you think that running is only for skinny sporty types, think again! Up and Running offers a tried and tested plan to bring the transformative power of running to everyone from manically busy moms to stressed and tired office workers.

Julia Jones and Shauna Reid successfully coached thousands of beginner runners across the world and they have discovered the winning formula for 5k success. They’ve learned that running is a mental exercise as much as a physical one and so the program beings with a unique warm-up week to set your intentions, get organized, and prime your mind for the challenge ahead.

The warm-up week is followed by a realistic, achievable eight-week training program that you can tailor to your own needs (including treadmill running options) to ensure that you make it across the finish line of your first 5k.

The program continues with a ‘going further’ section designed to help you prepare for the 10k distance. Julia and Shauna show you how to build on your 5k progress and lay down a solid running base by improving aerobic conditioning, understanding more about the mechanics of running, and revving up your metabolism.

Running is more than putting one foot in front of the other; it’s an exercise in commitment and courage. Up and Running will get you fired up and excited about running. It will show you how to fall in love with fitness, and with your own life.

What’s inside the book?

  • 8 week training plan to get you from 0 to 5K glory, including treadmill options
  • Beyond the 5K training plans – three bonus 4 week plans to get your running further, tackle common running challenges and boost your fitness
  • Drills and conditioning exercises with full colour photographs
  • Motivation and goal setting exercises to set you up for success
  • Running wisdom galore including nutrition, dealing with injury, race preparation and running style
  • Inspiring success stories from men and women who’ve completed the program
  • Workout journal to record your mileage and progress
  • An inspiring foreword by Bart Yasso, CRO of Runner’s World

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About Up & Running

From 2011-2020 Up & Running offered online courses for super-new and seasoned runners tackling 5K, 10K, and half-marathon runs, all with expert coaching and community support.

Up & Running was created by expert Running Coach Julia Jones (an American in Italy) and Community Director Shauna Reid (an Australian in Scotland).

Our virtual friendship began in 2001 when Julia trained Shauna online for her first 5K race.

A decade of emails later, Julia pitched Shauna a bold new idea: an online coaching website for women who want to transform their bodies, and take their lives to a new level. Long-distance running meets personal development, with e-courses and goodies and forums, galore!

We met in person for the very first time in January of 2011. Up & Running was born a month later. Over the next nine years, we helped thousands of women run, walk, skip and sprint over all kinds of finish lines — building not only strong bodies, but self-worth and courage.

Not bad for two ladies, a pair of laptops, and a dream.

We retired our courses in February 2020. 

Up & Running lives on in our book and our bustling alumni community forum.

Thank you to all our runners for a magical nine years. It was a joy to run with you!

Let’s stay in touch! Julia still offers running coaching and courses at juliajones.it and Shauna writes on at shaunareid.com.