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If you don’t like running

Yesterday as I was doing some social media scrolling I came upon a paid Facebook advertisement that caught my eye. It was a targeted advertisement about a running app. I was only able to snap a screenshot but I wish you could have seen it. It featured two semi-deranged looking, well endowed young women in… [Read More]

Why the 5K is fabulous

Kapow! We’ve just launched the new self-paced version of our 5K Beginners Course. It’s the same 8-week killer training plan complete with wild cheer squad and coaching support, but now you can sign up at any time. So if you spy an interesting race, you can start training whenever suits you. To celebrate the launch, we asked… [Read More]

The fine art of running

Yet another reason why running is good for the soul: you and your running buddies can “draw words” with your GPS running app! Inspired by the excellent woman who drew Space Invaders and penises with her Nike+ app, last summer some of our Up & Running Alumni members collaborated to spell UP & RUNNING ROCKS! The letters… [Read More]

Why Couch to 5K may not have worked for you

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is, how does your 5K plan differ from Couch to 5K? Couch to 5K, affectionately known as C25K, was written in 1996 by Josh Clark. In the nineteen years since he first shared it with the world, millions of people have used the plan to kick 5K butt…. [Read More]

Worldwide 5K winners

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Worldwide 5K! Julia and I were in London celebrating the book with some of the awesome Up & Running gang and it brought even more sparkle to the day to see your photos coming in from around the world. We especially thank you given the extremes of… [Read More]

How to race a 5K

Let’s talk 5K race strategy. The easiest way to take command of your race is to have a plan. These top tips come from our new book and work for both “real” races with thousands of humans swirling around you, but also for a virtual race like U&R Worldwide 5K (two days to go!). Practice your tactics on… [Read More]

How to prepare for a 5K race

It’s race week! The U&R Worldwide 5K is on this Sunday 8 February. Since it’s a fun, low-pressure virtual event it’s a great opportunity to practice your race day preparation. What to pack? What to eat? What to wear? Never fear, it’s all here. This post contains a sneak peek from our new book. We packed… [Read More]

How to plan your own 5K race

Just over a week to go ’til the U&R Worldwide 5K on Sunday 8 February. It’s time to organise your race. You can make it as sensible or crazy as you like… let your imagination go wild! Gather your team Virtual or real world, it’s all good! Run with runners – if you’re a new runner, ask an… [Read More]

Up and Running – THE BOOK!

We are jumping-up-and-down-like-loonies excited to announce that our book, UP AND RUNNING is available to pre-order and will be published on 8 January 2015 by CICO Books in both the UK and USA. We’ve taken Julia’s coaching expertise, our tried and tested 5k plan plus all the wisdom and inspiration gleaned from our Up & Runners and brought it all… [Read More]

What we wish for your running future

This week at Up & Running headquarters we wrap up another awesome season with our 5K and 10K courses. I know we say this each and every season, but we had such a great group this fall! We loved reading their online diaries as they followed the training plans and wrote about their difficulties, triumphs… [Read More]