Worldwide 5K winners

Worldwide 5K montage

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Worldwide 5K! Julia and I were in London celebrating the book with some of the awesome Up & Running gang and it brought even more sparkle to the day to see your photos coming in from around the world. We especially thank you given the extremes of weather going on that day, from red hot Oz to the snowy white north.

The winners as drawn from the number generator were: Ang, Celia, Honor, Jilanna, Maura, Minna, Tessa and Tracy.

If you’re keen for more 5K action, we’ve opened up registration for the Spring 5K Course. It starts Monday 9 March and will be the only live group 5K Course for 2015, as we need to free up the calendar a wee bit to write our mega new Marathon course. You can nab your spot right here!

  1. anne
    Maga new marathon course!! Hmmmm Tell us more?