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The 5K e-course for total beginners

Be race ready in just 8 weeks

Running: it’s not just for sporty ladies with six-pack abs & bouncing ponytails. It’s for manically busy moms. It’s for intellectual bookworms. It’s for curvy girls, skinny-minnies, and everything in between. It's for YOU.

Join our self-paced 5K Course for beginners, and discover the transformative power of running. We’ll bring the wisdom, the guidance and an amazing training plan that will get you to 5K, safe and strong.

You just show up — and run.

Life after becoming a runner...

  • be one run away from a great mood
  • have the energy for spontaneous bike rides or running around with your kids
  • eat kale with enthusiasm and joy (coz now you want to help your body run better)
  • finally call yourself a runner!
Up & Running sh*ts all over Couch to 5K! Shauna and Julia should be knighted (damed?) for getting me running.
Sas, UK

Why run with us?

  • time efficient training - just three 40 minutes sessions per week
  • fun & varied plans - no more boring run/walk intervals
  • start building a runners' body - learn killer driller for strength & injury prevention
  • no more stop/start or all/nothing thinking - we'll teach you the skills to be a lifelong runner

This course is for you if...

  • you're completely new to running or you've returning to running after a break
  • you've struggled in the past to complete run/walk plans like Couch to 5K
  • you can make time to train three times per week, for 45-50 minutes per session
  • you can comfortably walk one kilometre in around 12 minutes (if you're not quite there yet, our Up & Moving course is perfect for you).
Up & Running really has been the best thing I have done for myself in years, and not just for the running. My confidence and happiness in my own skin has increased so much and I love what my body can DO, rather than obsessing about what it looks like.
Philippa, UK

What you’ll receive:

  • A Warm-Up Week to set your intentions, clear out self-critical beliefs, and prime your mind for that finish line — before the workouts begin.
  • Eight weeks of practical, step-by-step PDF training plans created by expert running coach Julia Jones. Tried and tested by thousands of runners around the world. Just download. And dive in. Click here to view a sample plan.
  • Personal coaching support in our members-only forum — post a question, and we’ll answer it within 24 hours on weekdays & 48 hours on weekends... every time. Plus, you'll have the motivating company of your fellow runners!
  • Access to a private Up & Running blog packed every weekday with inspiring & instructional videos, practical running advice, self-discovery activities, & interviews with women who run (and seriously rock).
  • The Up & Running Gear Guide for total beginners, with essential information on running shoes and gear.
  • All for just £49 for a total of 9 weeks of coaching support, community and kickass training! For other currencies, check xe.com for latest exchange rates
  • Check out our FAQs for more information on how the Course works
Important note: We're retiring our online courses on 1 February 2020. You'll have access to the course and forum until then, and will also receive a PDF version of the entire course content so you can refer to it over and over!

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Who’s running this thing?

That would be us! Up & Running was created by expert Running Coach Julia Jones and inspirational author & Community Director Shauna Reid. We’ve got a beautiful blend of athletic prowess & community-building superpowers. Just ask our happy, healthy, highly-excitable e-course participants.

What Julia and Shauna do goes way beyond my expectations for an online class. I came here expecting training plans and a little more, but what I have received is a golden ticket for the Wonka factory.
Sara, Italy
I'm so grateful to you both for creating this incredible program. I feel fitter, happier and more motivated than I have in years. I call myself a runner now and have so many running dreams and aspirations to pursue. What’s even better is that I know that with Up & Running I can achieve them… where have you been all my life?
Cate, Switzerland
I was pretty confident I’d finish the 5K Course, but I really didn’t expect to love it so much that I’d keep running. And I definitely didn’t expect to love the forums so much – so many amazing women: supportive, funny and all just trying their best.
Alexandra, Australia

When do I start training?

Your first step is to sign up for your chosen 5K race, then use our whizz-bang calculator below to find out what date you need to begin. Use the arrows on the calendar to find your race date, click on the date, then the day you need to start will appear below. Your training starts 8 weeks before the big day.

Our absolute promise.

  • We will get you Up & Running — safely. You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete or even a once-a-week jogger to join. We’ve designed it with total beginners in mind. And we’ll show you how to take care of your muscles — and your mind.
  • We are your mentors, your cheerleaders, and your biggest fans. You'll have our constant support as you tackle this challenge. If we could show up at every single one of our participant’s 5K finish lines, we would — with frosty Gatorade and a gigantic bear hug.
  • We know what we’re doing — and it shows. We’ve got testimonials galore. And we treasure each one.
  • You will transform. If you commit to the 5K training with even 50% of your heart, you will transform. You’ll discover new muscles you never knew existed. You’ll find inner reserves of commitment and power.
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How do I sign up?

  1. Click the red button above to sign up.
  2. You'll be prompted to create an account for our Course website.
  3. You can pay with a credit card via Stripe, or with Paypal
  4. Once your payment has gone through, you'll see the 5K course dashboard. You can get started right away!
  5. Check your email for a Welcome message and details on how to create your Forum account.
  6. You're now ready to rock!
Important note: We're retiring our online courses on 1 February 2020. You'll have access to the course and forum until then, and will also receive a PDF version of the entire course content so you can refer to it over and over!

That finish line? Consider it crossed.

Register now. And get Up & Running.