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Clare 5K – Let’s make some noise

It’s the Clare 5K today! As Up & Runners far and wide trot ’round to celebrate the life of our friend Clare, we wanted to talk a little more about ovarian cancer and its symptoms. Throughout March, Target Ovarian Cancer is running its #StartMakingNoise campaign, to raise awareness of the symptoms: “Ovarian cancer can be devastating. Far too many… [Read More]

Join us next week for the Clare 5K

Last September our wonderful friend Clare passed away from ovarian cancer. She was a treasured member of the Up & Running community – always up for a laugh, a weekend away, a long walk and/or a gin and tonic. It’s impossible to put into words just how much we miss her wicked wit and sparkling kindness,… [Read More]

Worldwide 5K winners

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Worldwide 5K! Julia and I were in London celebrating the book with some of the awesome Up & Running gang and it brought even more sparkle to the day to see your photos coming in from around the world. We especially thank you given the extremes of… [Read More]

How to race a 5K

Let’s talk 5K race strategy. The easiest way to take command of your race is to have a plan. These top tips come from our new book and work for both “real” races with thousands of humans swirling around you, but also for a virtual race like U&R Worldwide 5K (two days to go!). Practice your tactics on… [Read More]

How to prepare for a 5K race

It’s race week! The U&R Worldwide 5K is on this Sunday 8 February. Since it’s a fun, low-pressure virtual event it’s a great opportunity to practice your race day preparation. What to pack? What to eat? What to wear? Never fear, it’s all here. This post contains a sneak peek from our new book. We packed… [Read More]

How to plan your own 5K race

Just over a week to go ’til the U&R Worldwide 5K on Sunday 8 February. It’s time to organise your race. You can make it as sensible or crazy as you like… let your imagination go wild! Gather your team Virtual or real world, it’s all good! Run with runners – if you’re a new runner, ask an… [Read More]

Why the 5K is great for walkers

Calling all walkers! You’re invited to the U&R Worldwide 5K on Sunday 8 February. Today we’re looking at why a 5K race is not just rad for runners… it’s ideal for walkers, too! It’s a progress-checker and purpose-bringer How’s that for brilliant grammar?! If walking is your primary form of exercise it can be easy to… take it… [Read More]

Why the 5K is great for experienced runners

Whether it’s running or another life goal, we believe it’s essential to start with WHY. That’s how we find the oomph to take action when it’s face-numbing cold or sweltering hot outside! With the U&R Worldwide 5K coming up on Sunday 8 February, we’re looking at why a 5K is a great idea for different levels… [Read More]

Join us for the Worldwide 5K – Sunday 8 February!

At long last our beginners running book UP AND RUNNING has hit the shelves! We are excited. So excited that we’re sporting the same expressions of demented glee that we did on the day we shot the photos for the book… Now we want to share that joy with you. Back in autumn when planning how… [Read More]

A misty marathon meetup in Inverness

Where Up & Runners run, Up & Running cheer squads may follow. Last weekend when Italian Sara (who did our first 5K Course in 2011) ran the Loch Ness Marathon as her debut 26.2 miler, she had an Alumni crew on hand to jump around and cheer her like loonies. Only slightly more loony than this great inflatable… [Read More]