Join us for the Worldwide 5K – Sunday 8 February!

At long last our beginners running book UP AND RUNNING has hit the shelves! We are excited. So excited that we’re sporting the same expressions of demented glee that we did on the day we shot the photos for the book…

Shauna Reid and Julia Jones
Ever the professionals

Now we want to share that joy with you.

Back in autumn when planning how to mark this moment, Julia and I were feeling sad that since the Up & Running gang is spread so far and wide around the planet we wouldn’t be able to gather everyone in the same place at the same time to celebrate the book that this community helped us create.

We decided to do something that everyone can take part in, no matter where you are. And in keeping with the philosophy of the book, we also want to celebrate the general awesomeness of running – particularly the friendship and sparkle it can bring into one’s life, if you just give it a red hot go…

Up & Running Worldwide 5KSooo, we invite you to join us on Sunday 8 February for the first annual Up & Running Worldwide 5k!

Whether you run or walk…. solo or with family or friends or a dog or total strangers… all you need to do to join in this virtual event is map out a 5km/3 mile route… print out our snazzy personalised Official Race Bib and pin it to your shirt… then run for it!

If you share a pic of your “race” on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag it #upandrunning5k you’ll also be in the draw to win one of a pile of great prizes, including copies of UP AND RUNNING, places on our e-courses , Rock the 10K and Bridge to 10K downloads, and a copy of our kickass training diary.

Find out more on the Worldwide 5K page and stay tuned to the blog for lots of tips on planning and racing your Worldwide 5K event. Hope to “see” you there… it’ll be ace!