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Up & Running goes Pop in the City

Back in May Pop in the City came to Bologna and Up & Running were part of the action! What’s Pop in the City? It’s an urban adventure race for women, in which 175 two-woman teams race around a chosen “European city with character” for a day, tackling a wild array of challenges in the categories… [Read More]

Running Roundup #7

In Running Roundup we share links about running – or not about running at all – that have warmed our cockles. If you’ve spied a story or have one of your own to share, give us a shout! Can knitting give you a runner’s high? – Gaim blog “Some even refer to knitting as ‘the new… [Read More]

Will run for dessert: Orange tiramisu

If you have a crowd of hungry runners to feed, or require no excuse at all for a summery and delicate take on the Italian coffee-laden classic, we urge you to give this scrumptious orange tiramisu a whirl. It was the incredibly tasty finale to our Sicilian feast evening at the Bologna retreat. Tiziana, the superb cook… [Read More]

JJ Running Festival 2013

They always say “three’s the charm” and that’s how I felt this year at the Running Festival. For those new to Up & Running, I organise a women’s race in Bologna, Italy. Yep, it actually has my name on it! The first two years were difficult, mostly because we were a new event and everybody… [Read More]

Post-Bologna delirium

I’ve just got back from Bologna after four bloody awesome days of the Up & Running LIVE! retreat. Oh boy. I stayed up way too late every night because I felt it important to squeeze in as many hours of chit chat as humanly possible. My cold nicked off in the nick of time! Both… [Read More]

Running a 5k or 10k race

I’ve been running and racing since 1990. Just looking at that date makes me feel ancient! I remember the precise moment when I decided that I wanted to start running: I was inspired by a poster for a race being held in my town. Twenty-three years later (gah!) I’m still here. I can’t think of… [Read More]

Running Roundup #3 – Bologna edition

Now that we’ve gently returned to earth after our Up & Running LIVE delirium we’re devouring accounts of the retreat and race. Here’s some from Up & Runners who blog, plus Shauna’s report… Every single person I met I fell in love with. The only possible explanation is that Shauna and Julia drugged our water, which… [Read More]

JJ Running Festival 2012

Last week Up & Runners from ten different countries descended on Bologna for the first ever Up & Running LIVE retreat. Three days of running, wine, good times and pasta-scoffing culminated with the Julia Jones Running Festival race. Today Julia looks back on her big day. If you happen to live in Italy and also… [Read More]