Running Roundup #3 – Bologna edition

Running RoundupNow that we’ve gently returned to earth after our Up & Running LIVE delirium we’re devouring accounts of the retreat and race. Here’s some from Up & Runners who blog, plus Shauna’s report…

  • Every single person I met I fell in love with. The only possible explanation is that Shauna and Julia drugged our water, which is totally fine with me.
    Sara @ Peeping Gnome’s Running Adventures, Italy
  • In Bologna it was incredibly heart warming to see, and be a part of, the best that can emerge when women join forces. As tempting as it was to stay at home I am so thankful I didn’t!
    Cate @ The Wellbeing Corner, Switzerland
  • I was amused, during this run, to get high-fives from people in the streets. Lovely! The moment I’ll most remember is some adorable wee old woman shouting something in Italian at me (because when am I ever going to experience that again, on a run?), and my managing to gasp back “Sono Inglese!!” with an attempt at a shrug as I ran, lol. Not a CLUE what she was saying…!!
    Sarah @ Sarah’s Search For Health & Fitness, Scotland
  • After that initial weirdness of connecting real bodies to internet voices, soon the room buzzed with exotic accents and laughter. There was wine and delicious pizzas, those amazing wood fired ones that I will be dreaming about for months to come…
    Shauna @ The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, Scotland
  • I only had one goal, to run the whole thing without stopping. I didn’t care about my time or if I was the last person across the finish line, I just wanted to prove to myself that I could run the whole thing without stopping. And I did!
    Erica @ much more muchier, Italy