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How does running make your life awesome?

We always say that running is like a secret superpower. You can bust it out at any time, whether that be a mad dash for the bus or a quiet jog to turn around a crappy mood. We asked some lovely runners to tell us what running has brought to their lives and we loved the… [Read More]

Races: the best way to get your butt out the door for a run

For the past year my main goal was Ironman Zurich. I had loads of small races in between like the Barcelona Marathon and Rimini Challenge, but all my waking thoughts were directed towards that city on the shores of Lake Zurich. I couldn’t think past D-day, July 27. I couldn’t imagine what I’d feel like afterwards and… [Read More]

A winning 5k workout plan

I got the idea for my 5K training plan almost twenty years ago in St. Moritz, Switzerland. I was there for a summer month with my husband who was training a group of elite marathon runners. I sat on the grass and watched as they ran a loop around the track and then stepped onto the… [Read More]

The joys of a crack of dawn 5K

This morning I virtuously ran 5K at 5.30am. I did not do this alone. Actually there were probably about 3000 people running around town at the crack of dawn… Longtime readers may recall that a few years ago Sergio Bezzanti had the idea to organise a race at dawn during the first days of summer. He… [Read More]

5km run on demand

On Sunday Shauna and I worked all day on a project that needed to be wrapped up. Even though it was the weekend we decided to plough ahead ’til the end. Looking at and talking through a computer screen for hours on end can be tiring. We paused for tea mid-morning and later took a lunch break…. [Read More]

Spring 5K and 10K – one month to go!

Up here in the Scottish Highlands, the days are slowly getting longer. On my walk yesterday there was still a trace of blue in the sky at 5pm. I spotted a few green buds on trees. Springtime… it’s a-coming! And that means there is just ONE MONTH TO GO ’til our Spring 5K and 10K… [Read More]

Feet first

This week at Up & Running we’re cranking out certificates for our awesome Summer 5K and 10K graduates while simultaneously preparing for September 2nd, when we kick off our Fall courses. Many newcomers try and prepare for the beginning of the 5K course by doing some running on their own. I don’t discourage that, but… [Read More]

Catching up with… Sas Petherick

Today we’re catching up with Sas Petherick, life coach extraordinaire and a graduate of our very first 5K Course way back in Spring 2011. We talked running, meditation for dummies, her brand new e-course, plus weight loss as a side effect of a much bigger journey… 1. You were one of our very first 5K Course… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Marci Gaither

Whenever I’m feeling meh in the mojo department, one of my favourite inspirational pitstops is Marci G’s Alumni Forum diary. When she signed up for the Summer 5K course in 2011 she thought she “wasn’t cut out” to be a runner but she’s spent the last 18 months proving otherwise. She’s worked her tail off to improve… [Read More]

The beginning runner’s #1 complaint (you’ll never guess)

In a little less than two weeks we’ll be kicking off our Spring 2013 5K course. I get so excited about introducing (or sometimes re-introducing) women to running. That said, I know that the first few weeks will be filled with high expectations, loads of questions and a few aching muscles. Quick: what’s the beginning… [Read More]