Races: the best way to get your butt out the door for a run

For the past year my main goal was Ironman Zurich. I had loads of small races in between like the Barcelona Marathon and Rimini Challenge, but all my waking thoughts were directed towards that city on the shores of Lake Zurich. I couldn’t think past D-day, July 27. I couldn’t imagine what I’d feel like afterwards and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure by making any future race plans. So, I didn’t have any.

My general life plan immediately after IMZ was to help my body recover by just chilling. I followed that plan successfully! I was traveling with my husband for work so there was sightseeing in small Italian towns and spectating at road races. We finally arrived at the family beach house in Puglia, the heel region in the south of Italy. I walked on the beach at dawn and did a few bike rides. I took an afternoon swim in the Ionian Sea and contemplated my next athletic move. Where did I want to go from here?


With thoughts of half marathons, marathons, 10k’s and sprint triathlons swirling around in my head I knew that the only thing to do was to go online and find a race. Why?

Because I can’t train without a solid goal in place.

When our Fall 5K and 10K Courses start next week we’ll be asking our runners to set tangible goals, one of them being to sign up for a running event so they can put their eight weeks of training into practice. Sometimes people say they’re not interested in “racing”. They they just want to get fit and healthy and feel good in their bodies again. That can absolutely happen, but in my experience having a specific date for it to all to come together helps you get your butt out the door for those workouts.

If you sign up for our 5K or 10K Course look for a race on the weekend of 9 November, or anytime after. I say after because by then you’ll be a runner and can just sign up for an event any ol’ weekend!

Want a some race ideas?


If you happen to be in San Francisco sign up for the Fog City Run. They meet every tuesday evening at the Blue Light  in the Marina. It’s very low key and costs only 5 dollars. There may even be beer afterwards!

The weekend of November 8th and 9th the U.S. celebrates veterans and most events are dedicated to them including The Patriot Run in San Diego.

Make this Thanksgiving year a gastronomically guilt free one by participating in one of the many Turkey Trots. The largest in the nation is The Trot  in Dallas, Texas. There are a bazillion Thanksgiving running events held around the nation. Look one up at Runningintheusa.com

UK & Ireland

I’ve visited Edinburgh several times and it’s really a lovely town to run in. On the weekend of November 9, MoRunning offers both a 5km and 10km course.

Run in the Dark  is a new entry to charity runs with proceeds going towards spinal cord injury research. Go check out the website. The photos and video on it will inspire you to sign up! Run in the Dark events will be all held on November 12 in London, Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Manchester.


Fun Run Pink is a women’s only 5km event in Perth. It’ll be held on November 9 so perfect for your 5k course goal.

If you want to go for something crazier you can travel to Albury for Miss Muddy. Emphasis is on fun and bonding with your BFF’s!

For other countries, check out active.com to find a race.

As for me, I’ve signed up for a sprint triathlon near my home on October 4… my birthday. The goal is set and I am now back to regular training. Yippee!