How does running make your life awesome?

Coach Julia Jones in Bologna, 2012

We always say that running is like a secret superpower. You can bust it out at any time, whether that be a mad dash for the bus or a quiet jog to turn around a crappy mood.

We asked some lovely runners to tell us what running has brought to their lives and we loved the variety of perspectives…

“One time a young punk stole my handbag and ran off…. but I could ran faster than him, so I chased him down and got it back!” — Lucia

“When you’re over 50, it feels very, very good to have something even approximating a ‘runner’s ass/arse’.” — Katherine E

“I love being able to choose the stairs or the elevator.” — Giordana

“Running gives me peace of mind. If there is a chaotic phase going on in my life, or I’ m very stressed, it’s such a relief to put running shoes on and head out. Running is hard enough to make me focus in it, and yet there is mental space to think about my worries too. It’s not that I’m running away from my problems, it’s more like I notice how strong and able I am and gain confidence to put other issues in perspective.” — Mari

“When people ask me my age I can tell them with pride.” — Nadia (52 years old)

“When endorphins are circulating, sex is even better!” — Lucy T

“The body may be growing older but the movement keeps the mind active!” — Marisa F

“Watching my body respond to what I ask it to do… for once!” — Antonella G

“I have an excuse to leave the house and be all by myself and my thoughts for as long as I want to run.” — Erica A

“It keeps me in shape for any other sports activity – like impromptu volleyball on the beach!”— Julie

“Running connects my brain and my feelings with my physical self in a way that is often neglected in a comfortable modern life. It’s like getting back to my cave woman roots. It’s like, yeah, this is what bodies were made for.— Helen

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Photo from our 2012 Bologna retreat by Sara Lando