6 reasons why 10K is the perfect distance

Julia at the Flora Mini Marathon, Dublin
Julia at the Flora Mini Marathon, Dublin

Now, I love running long distances; I absolutely adore them. But the distance that I consider to be absolute perfection is the 10K:

1. With a minimal amount of running, 10km training keeps you in great shape

Three days of running per week for 50 – 60 minutes equals to approximately 25 – 30 km. This is the perfect amount of mileage to keep your cardiovascular system in great working order and burn off a few extra calories for occasional food regime deviations!

2. Speed and distance are perfectly balanced

With any distance under 10k you need to work more on speed than endurance. Anything beyond 10k you concentrate more on endurance rather than speed. With 10k distance and races you work on both speed and endurance in equal proportions.

3. 10km is the perfect satellite point for any other sport

You notice improvement in other sports you practice such as biking and swimming. This is because running is an excellent aerobic conditioner (by working your heart and lungs) and easily transfers to any other sport. Or simply climbing the stairs at home.

4. Low attention span? You can prepare for a 10K in just eight weeks

Our 10K Course will have you race ready in eight weeks. If you were to run a half or full marathon you’d still have another very full month or two of training ahead of you!

5. There are thousands of exciting, fun and challenging 10K races in the world

I couldn’t even begin to list the best races here, there are just too many. I love the Dublin Mini Marathon, the Copenhagen Kvindelob. But you can go to Active.com and look up some in your corner of the globe.

6. Maintaining your fitness level is less difficult than building up to it.

Once you’ve done your 10k training you’ll be able to “cruise” with a lot less effort. 10K is my personal default distance. As long as I stick to a 25-30 kilometre weekly mileage I can bump up my training and run longer distances, or just add in some speed work and happily race 10K’s.

Want to try the 10K for yourself? Our self-paced 8 week course will get you there… joinnnn uuuuuus!