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Running on vacation

Last week I went to spend a week with my father in California for his 86th birthday. Since I live in Italy it’s quite a trek for me to get there and back, but it’s totally worth it. I love having quality time with him, it’s always an intense week together. I’ve been doing this… [Read More]

How to run faster

In the last year there have been a lot of trending articles in the fitness world on what the experts now consider to be the best way to stay fit and in shape. It’s hard to keep up with their ever changing minds! One year they advice us all to practice yoga, and the next… [Read More]

The chronometer reality of running and ageing

When runners sign up for my 1-on-1 coaching they first fill out a questionnaire that tells me all sorts of information. Even the way they fill it out, the number of words or the choice of nouns, verbs and adjectives clues me into their personality. But what I’m mostly interested in discovering is their past, present and future. What… [Read More]

How to run while travelling (and keep peace in the family)

Last weekend Shauna and I had a meet up in Amsterdam to discuss some very very important Up & Running business. 😉 We try and see each other in person at least once (ideally twice) a year, and Amsterdam is one of our magic cities. The positive vibes are strong, new ideas flow. and our energy gets… [Read More]

What can you do when you can’t run

Since my accident last month I’ve received many lovely messages of general love and caring. Thank you to everybody! Even a quick text asking, “how are you doing?” really helped my emotional state. My cast is finally off after thirty days of sweaty torture. Fellow runner friends immediately started asking, “When can you start working out again?”… [Read More]

Coach Julia’s 6 hot tips for summer running

I signed up for a sprint triathlon last Sunday knowing it would be a scorcher. Southern Europe is in the middle of heat wave with temperatures reaching 95°F/35°C, and it looks like it will stay that way until the end of the month. I got through the 5km run section of the triathlon by carrying a bottle… [Read More]

Ask Coach Julia: How to pace a 10K race

One of the biggest mistakes I see with both beginner and experienced runners is a tendency to run the various race distances at the exact same pace. They’ll start their 5K, 10K or marathon at a nice easy pace and stay at that same speed until they cross the finish line. Obviously, the longer the distance the slower you… [Read More]

Ask Coach Julia: When should I replace my running shoes? (Part 2)

How do you know when it’s time to replace your running shoes? Following on from last year’s post on the subject, Julia goes more in depth in this video. (Optional tip – before consigning your ancient shoes to gardening duties, thank them for their faithful service, Marie Kondo style. Hehe!) Thanks Adriana in Florida for your question! Please keep the… [Read More]

The fine art of running

Yet another reason why running is good for the soul: you and your running buddies can “draw words” with your GPS running app! Inspired by the excellent woman who drew Space Invaders and penises with her Nike+ app, last summer some of our Up & Running Alumni members collaborated to spell UP & RUNNING ROCKS! The letters… [Read More]

What we wish for your running future

This week at Up & Running headquarters we wrap up another awesome season with our 5K and 10K courses. I know we say this each and every season, but we had such a great group this fall! We loved reading their online diaries as they followed the training plans and wrote about their difficulties, triumphs… [Read More]