Ask Coach Julia: When should I replace my running shoes? (Part 2)

How do you know when it’s time to replace your running shoes? Following on from last year’s post on the subject, Julia goes more in depth in this video.

(Optional tip – before consigning your ancient shoes to gardening duties, thank them for their faithful service, Marie Kondo style. Hehe!)

Thanks Adriana in Florida for your question! Please keep the questions coming, folks – zap us a line and we’ll tackle it in a future instalment.

  1. anne
    This is really helpful Julia, and excellent for justifying another purchase of running shoes! Is there a way to visually assess whether it's time to stop running is a shoe, if I haven't kept a km log for the shoe?
  2. Julia
    Hi Anne, In most cases you won't see any visible evidence of wear and tear on the soles of the shoes. The first thing to go is the inner foam cushioning and that's something you're going to feel while you run. You know how when you go try on running shoes in a store and they feel all cushy and squeezy like clouds as you walk in front of the store mirror? And those first miles as you run and fall in love with those shoes? That is what you want to be "feeling" as the miles go on. The foam will become hard or stiff as the miles pile on. If you haven't kept a log you can estimate your mileage. Pinpoint when you bought them and then think of what your average weekly mileage is. Add in important races and you should have an approximate number. :-)