Introducing our Spring makeover winners

We are super excited to introduce our Up & Running Makeover runners for Spring 2015!

We were looking for runners that wanted to re-vamp their current training or needed some guidance towards an intimidating goal. A huge thanks again to everyone who took the time to apply.

Nico from Italy

Our first runner is Nico from Italy. I chose Nico because she presented a problem that I think is common among many runners: a struggle to train consistently. Here’s the line that grabbed my attention:

“…for the last year I’ve been inconsistent and irregular in my running. For most months I ran just once a week. I got the flu again last month and going back to running is a pain every time. Sometimes I blame it on the lack of time for myself, but I know perfectly that that’s not the reason why I’m not running regularly. I don’t feel like I’m able to stay focused or make running a habit anymore…”

Nico has chosen the Avon 10K race in Milan at the end of May as her main goal.

Jen from Canada

Our second winner is Jen from Canada. Jen is a consistent runner with a big dream: a 25k trail run. Trail running has really grown around the globe in the last few years as many runners are looking to get off road racing and back into nature.

“…I feel like a big rock trying to run; haven’t found my “wings” this season yet. I am running about 8km right now, three times a week. This will be my first trail run and the longest run I’ve ever done. I’m looking for a new challenge and some inspiration!”

Jen already has a few speedy half marathons under her belt so I feel comfortable guiding her up a mountain trail.

She’s signed up for the Blackfoot “Baby” Ultra 25k at the end of May.

Nico and Jen will each receive a training plan for their respective goals. Over the next few months we’ll be sharing training tips, updates and interviews with our two runners. We hope you’ll feel inspired to create your own makeover!

  1. Nico
    I am soooooooo excited too! Can't wait to start. Thank you so much!