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Ask Coach Julia: How to pace a 10K race

One of the biggest mistakes I see with both beginner and experienced runners is a tendency to run the various race distances at the exact same pace. They’ll start their 5K, 10K or marathon at a nice easy pace and stay at that same speed until they cross the finish line. Obviously, the longer the distance the slower you… [Read More]

Ask Coach Julia: When should I replace my running shoes? (Part 2)

How do you know when it’s time to replace your running shoes? Following on from last year’s post on the subject, Julia goes more in depth in this video. (Optional tip – before consigning your ancient shoes to gardening duties, thank them for their faithful service, Marie Kondo style. Hehe!) Thanks Adriana in Florida for your question! Please keep the… [Read More]

Why Couch to 5K may not have worked for you

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is, how does your 5K plan differ from Couch to 5K? Couch to 5K, affectionately known as C25K, was written in 1996 by Josh Clark. In the nineteen years since he first shared it with the world, millions of people have used the plan to kick 5K butt…. [Read More]

Ask Coach Julia: How to create exciting goals

If you want to set a goal that you’ll see right through to the end, make sure it excites you. In this short video I talk about how to connect with your heart and emotions and find out what really lights you up. That way you’ll be fired up for your training… no matter how terrible the weather!… [Read More]

Ask Coach Julia: When should I replace my running shoes?

Today’s question is a follow-up from Donalda in Germany… “How do I know when I need a new pair of running shoes? It occurred to me today during my run that I’ve had mine for awhile. They still look okay, but then I don’t go running through mud, so they tend to always look fine. Maybe ‘when… [Read More]

Ask Coach Julia: How many pairs of running shoes do I need?

Today’s question comes from Donalda in Germany… “How many pairs of running shoes should you have if running regularly? I hear folk saying you must have two and alternate? I’ve heard of others saying that because running shoes are changing all the time, if they find a pair that are good they buy several pairs of… [Read More]

How to calm pre-race nerves

I told my husband that I was going to write about calming pre-race nerves. He started laughing and asked, “You?” Let’s just say that I’ve not always had a great history of being calm before a race. But when I recognised that it was becoming a problem no matter what the race or distance, I took the matter… [Read More]

Ask Coach Julia: Minimalist shoes

One of the best features of the Up & Running Alumni forum is that our runners can post about anything.  They mostly ask about running and I’m always happy to oblige. I love love love to talk about running. Running, running, running! So one of our lovelies asked a question that I thought I’d share… [Read More]

Ask Coach Julia: Tempo Runs

When Julia first offered to train me for a 5K, I told her it wasn’t the right time. I didn’t have the right shoes, the right clothes, the right body. Come back in six months. No, make that twelve, I said. Luckily she saw through my nonsense and next thing I was huffing and swearing… [Read More]