What we wish for your running future

This week at Up & Running headquarters we wrap up another awesome season with our 5K and 10K courses. I know we say this each and every season, but we had such a great group this fall! We loved reading their online diaries as they followed the training plans and wrote about their difficulties, triumphs and surroundings.


We had a truly international group of women this time, from almost every continent, even Africa! At the end of the eight weeks some stick around for our exclusive Alumni Forum which has members from four years back. The Forum is a rockin’ place with everybody giving each other support, no matter what running adventure they’re on or what level they’re at.

Others will say goodbye and (virtually) run off on their own. I’m always sad to see them go but as a coach I know it’s a natural process. I wish them well but in my head and heart I always hope that they’ll remember and take with them some of the running basics that we try and convey during our courses.

Remember to run at least three days a week.

If you want to maintain your running you need to keep up the thrice a week running schedule. If you just want to keep “in shape” you can mix it up a bit with other activities. But if you want your running to maintain or progress you really do need to get out there three times a week, minimum.

Remember to include drills in your weekly workouts.

I get loads of letters from runners that trained with us but then lost their speed, endurance or “oomph”. When I ask what their training schedule looked like from the previous weeks the answer is always running, running, running. I know you felt silly skipping in the park or doing half squats near a bench but drills really do make a difference. Remember that!

Pay daily homage to the almighty Stork.

You need to keep those feet active! We know, we know… if Shauna or I are not hounding you on the Forum it’s hard to remember to Stork. Set a daily reminder or visual trigger, like when you brush your teeth or during television commercials. Again, it’s the little things that make a big difference in your running.

Remember that Up & Running always has an open door.

If you completed one of our running courses in the past four years and you’re still running, remember you’re eligible to become an Alumni Forum subscriber – just get in touch for more information. If you need some inspiration or help with motivation it’s a good place to be. Or otherwise please do drop us a note anytime and let us know how you’re getting along. We already miss you!