The beginning runner’s #1 complaint (you’ll never guess)

In a little less than two weeks we’ll be kicking off our Spring 2013 5K course. I get so excited about introducing (or sometimes re-introducing) women to running. That said, I know that the first few weeks will be filled with high expectations, loads of questions and a few aching muscles. Quick: what’s the beginning runner’s #1 complaint?

It’s not feeling like you’re out of breath

It has nothing to do with speed

Or weight

(drum roll)

It’s shin fatigue!

Yep, good ‘ole shin fatigue. Shin fatigue, not to be confused with shin splints, is totally and completely avoidable. All you have to do is begin to activate your feet NOW. It only takes ten minutes a day and if you start today you’ll be ready for us on March 4. Can-not-wait!

How do you get those feet activated and ready for running? It’s all about The Stork, Up & Running’s signature exercise! This video shows you how it’s done…

Try a minute on one foot then switch to the other one. Repeat five times for a total of ten minutes. You can start with just 15 seconds per foot and build up from there if you need to. Try Storking while waiting for the bus or watching telly!

No problem if you can't grab your foot, just lift it off the ground and balance.
No problem if you can’t grab your foot, just lift it off the ground and balance.