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Stationery Geek Alert! 2013 Wall Planners

One of the many reasons that the Up & Running Alumni Forum feels like my spiritual home is that we have a lot of stationery geeks. As much as we natter away on our Forum diaries, we’re equally enamoured with the paper stuff. To name a few: Sarah documents every move with a sticker-filled paper diary…. [Read More]

Everyday Vibram Five Fingers wear

My Dad is visiting me here in Italy and we’ve been running around somewhere every day. Yesterday we took the train to Bologna to meet my daughter for lunch and have a quick walk around. It’s still nice weather, in the 70°’s  with blue skies, but no longer sandal wearing season. The first thing I… [Read More]

Travelling to your race… germ free!

I’m about to get on an airplane to travel to Dublin, Ireland with some girlfriends to participate in the Flora Mini Marathon, a 10k race for women. I’m so excited about seeing what this event is all about. It’s the biggest 10k women’s race in the world and this year is their 30th anniversary. I’ve… [Read More]

Running on the beach… NOT!

Every summer I always get requests from runners asking about beach running. “We’re going on a vacation at the beach and I just wanted to check with you if it’s okay to go running right on the beachfront instead of at the park.” They’ve never actually tried running on sand, but they’ve seen it done… [Read More]

Early Morning Runs

This morning I woke up at 4.59 am to go running. I know, ugh, that’s what I thought too. But I had an appointment with a group of  friends that I had to keep. We were all going to run a race the town called  RUN 5.30. I don’t even want to call it a… [Read More]

Running with your children

A lot of women I know (yes, you!) use their children as an excuse for not doing physical activity. They have nobody to watch them, they tell me that they  don’t want to “waste” time on themselves and would rather do something with their children. I’ve always tried to incorporate my children into my physical… [Read More]