Stationery Geek Alert! 2013 Wall Planners

One of the many reasons that the Up & Running Alumni Forum feels like my spiritual home is that we have a lot of stationery geeks. As much as we natter away on our Forum diaries, we’re equally enamoured with the paper stuff. To name a few: Sarah documents every move with a sticker-filled paper diary. Frances draws colourful charts to track her weekly challenges. Paula and Jo are devotees of the wall calendar, with dot stickers for every completed workout.

As we hurtle towards Christmas, stationery geeks are pondering their 2013 needs. Is there anything better than hunting for the perfect vessel to capture the adventures of a fresh year? I’ve spent hours pottering around online and in shops, comparing features and paper quality and colours and whatnot. I’ve got a fantastic 2013 desk diary sorted (more about that soon!) but I’ve been ogling wall calendars too. Don’t you think the sight of a whole year splashed across a wall would be very inspiring? I don’t need yet another way to record my unremarkable achievements, but it doesn’t hurt to look, does it?

You can pick up a simple wall planner like the ones you see in offices for around a fiver, but if you want to make it more of a feast for your eyeballs here are some groovy ones I’ve found. Click on the image to visit the store…

2013 Wall Planner from Lollipop Designs
2013 Wall Planner @ Lollipop Designs, £12.50


Present & Correct 2013 wall planner
2013 Wall Planner @ Present & Correct, £12.75. I used this one in 2010 and it was fab.


Personalised Social Calendar by Rosie Robins
Personalised Social Calendar by Rosie Robins @ Not On The High Street, £27. You can get custom headings and dates printed on it.


Any Year calendar from Bold & Noble, £27
Any Year calendar @ Bold & Noble, £27. Also available in yellow/grey.


Stamp Sheet Wall Planner @ Present & Correct, £12.75
Stamp Sheet Wall Planner @ Present & Correct, £12.75. A giant perforated stamp sheet - you tear off the stamp each day and watch the year disappear! Squee!

Do you have any favourite stationery dealers brands and/or stores? We would love to know!