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Running a 5k or 10k race

I’ve been running and racing since 1990. Just looking at that date makes me feel ancient! I remember the precise moment when I decided that I wanted to start running: I was inspired by a poster for a race being held in my town. Twenty-three years later (gah!) I’m still here. I can’t think of… [Read More]

Put down the peanut butter and put on your trainers!

Warm-Up Week is in full swing on the Summer 5K Course! Before we take a single step we spend a whole week getting ready to run – looking at our motivations, dreaming big, setting goals and making plans. It’s a great way to get fired up for the challenge ahead. I’m always an overexcitable goof in… [Read More]

My First 5K – Nico from Italy

In this new series we’re talking to runners about their first races of various kinds. First up today is Nico, who has just graduated from the Summer 5K Beginners Course. We loved her Race Report on the Up & Running Forums so much we asked could we include it here on the blog. Thanks Nico!… [Read More]

Win a place on an Up & Running 5K or 10K Course – National Running Day

Did you know today is National Running Day in the USA? Apparently the idea is to celebrate the wonder that is running. From the official website: “On this day, runners everywhere share their passion for a lifestyle that is one of the best, and simplest, ways to stay fit.” Well, we’re down with that sentiment…. [Read More]

Your 5K Course questions answered

We’ve had some further questions about the 21 March 5K Beginners Course and thought we’d share the answers on the blog. If your question isn’t covered here or on the FAQ page, please drop us a line at or get in touch on Facebook – we’re here to help! Am I too unfit and/or… [Read More]