Win a place on an Up & Running 5K or 10K Course – National Running Day

National Running DayDid you know today is National Running Day in the USA? Apparently the idea is to celebrate the wonder that is running. From the official website: “On this day, runners everywhere share their passion for a lifestyle that is one of the best, and simplest, ways to stay fit.”

Well, we’re down with that sentiment. To celebrate, today we’re giving away a place on an Up & Running Course.

The prize is redeemable on either our Summer 5K Course (starts 12 June) or our Fall 10K Course (coming in September). The prize is also transferable, so even if you don’t fancy running yourself you can give the prize to a friend.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post and tell us…

If you could run a race anywhere in the world, where would it be?

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What Julia and Shauna do goes way beyond my expectations for an online class. I came here expecting training plans and a little more, but what I have received is a golden ticket for the Wonka factory!
– Sara, Italy

This course has easily been the best, sanest and most rewarding fitness thing I have ever done. My expectations have not so much been exceeded as completely blown away.
– Johanna, Australia

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Contest terms and conditions

  • Prize must be redeemed on either the Spring 2011 5K or Fall 2011 10K Up & Running e-course
  • Prize is transferable to another person
  • Entries close at 10AM UK time on Thursday 2 June 2011 – see what time that is where you live
  • Winner will be drawn at random using the random number generator
  • Winner will be notified by email and announced on the Up & Running  blog on Friday 3 June 2011.
  1. Francesca
    In my mind I am 70 pounds lighter and I am running the New York Marathon in 2014 (I will turn 40 that year and what a better way to celebrate!!!)
  2. Tor
    I would love to race the train in Wales...
  3. Philippakate
    In my dreams I'm running the London marathon with fellow Up and Runners, having trained 'with' them online. Can't imagine anything more amazing!
  4. Chiara
    If I'll be able to run long/medium distances (I actually run 200 mt!!:-P)I would not be interested in official races but I would like to run the "Giro del lago di Ledro" ( to get lost in nature and feel beautiful! Thank you so much for this opportunity
  5. AmyK
    I'm with Philippa and dream of running the London marathon with my fellow Up and Runners! The 5k class was amazing and taught me so much about what I really can do if I try and have the encouragement of others. If you are on the fence about trying it, jump off that fence and join us!!
  6. Kate Ancell
    Third the London marathon--and I'd be in shape for once in my life...
  7. Caroline
    For me it would be the New York Marathon - I have visited New York twice as its being run, and the entire city treats a runner with a medal as a visiting hero for the next few days - would like to feel like a hero - and would definitely deserve it if I ran the entire marathon!
  8. tanya ci
    I'd love to run in Reykjavik, a half is possible....
  9. Rachel
    Having driven trains along it for the last 7 years, I would love to run the length of the Northern Line in London - High Barnet to Morden via the Bank - mind the doors!
    • CateM
      I've always dreamt about running the London Marathon - and now the thought of running it with my fellow Up & Runners makes that dream even more amazing and even feels like a possibility!!
  10. SaraL
    well... at first I thought New York, but how cool would that be to run London marathon with my fellow Up&Runners?
  11. Donalda Bint
    I actually thought of this recently. I saw a photo of someone doing that MAD desert marathon, hold on, I'll google, aha, I think it was the Petra marathon. So, you'e like in the desert. Yes, the DESERT. I have checked the website and they say that they DO provide water stations... um yeah? But it is so small scale that you are virtually alone in the desert and that just seemed very 'right' the other day. So, the mad Petra marathon. But not anytime soon...
  12. fortnightflo
    I just started running in January (with Janathon) and 5 months on I'm still going - and I've enetered Juneathon (a month of running and blogging - google it and join in!!). I've watched the London Marathon every year for the last 20 - I stand on the Mall and spend three hours cheering, clapping and crying all the 4 - 7 hour finishers in. I would love to be on the other side of the fence. This is my 4th attempt at getting in..keep your fingers crossed for 2012 for me. I would really appreciate some help getting a training plan together for longer distances. Thanks x
  13. Jo
    I'd love to run the Brighton marathon - I was just a spectator this year :)
  14. Anna Murphy
    I would love to run in Central Park. I think that would be a truly magical run!
  15. lindsay
    I would run in nyc with my brother. He is going through a rough time and has been trying to make healthier choices. I'd love to be there to encourage and run with him!
  16. Nicola Parsons
    I've recently rediscovered a love of running, and am amazed by the difference it's made to my life. I've not yet progressed beyond short distances (5k), but I dream of running longer distances. My ideal race wouldn't be in an exotic location - like London, or New York - but the Coastal Classic in NSW, Australia. It's a 29 km race through gorgeous national park on the NSW coast. The track runs from Otford to Bundeena. Looking at photos of the course almost makes my heart stop, so I can't imagine how it would feel to run the track!
  17. Kim Hanson
    I would like to run around Cardiff city centre, as then I can pretend to be in the Torchwood team and it will help to take my mind off looking like a human beetroot while I get fitter.
  18. Shauna
    Thank you for your entries! We'll announce the winner shortly :)