Put down the peanut butter and put on your trainers!

Warm-Up Week is in full swing on the Summer 5K Course!┬áBefore we take a single step we spend a whole week getting ready to run – looking at our motivations, dreaming big, setting goals and making plans. It’s a great way to get fired up for the challenge ahead.

I’m always an overexcitable goof in Warm Up Week, but meeting new people never gets old! It’s great watching everyone’s personalities, creativity and humour emerge on the Forum. I love how people are motivated by different things and express it in different ways… such as these two brilliant examples from Julaberry in Canberra and Kaliflower in Milan:

Julaberry has turned peanut butter into a motivational tool
Love this drawing from Kaliflower exploring her motivations - click to view larger size

This summer is going to rock, I feel it in mah bones!

Still thinking of a Summer 5K? There are a few places remaining on the Course if you’d like to join us – we’ll be closing registrations at the end of Warm Up Week.

  1. Tessa
    Better write something on those nutella jars as well! Hmmm nutella... *drool*
  2. cels
    those are great motivational images. well done Summer 2012 ladies!
  3. 5kblog
    I can resist the Nutella but the peanut butter is my downfall. I don't even usually keep it in the hosue but it was on saaaaaale... Kaliflower's image is so creative and thoughtful. Mine is born of desperation!
    • 5kblog
      Oops. It's Julaberry. I can't work out how to change my name...
      • Shauna
        Bargain PB is hard to turn down! Hehehehe. I think it's coz you're logged into the 5K blog - if you click the Log out thing above the comment box if you want to log on. No worries! :)