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  • Bridge to 10k

The Bridge to 10K training guide

Speed up your 5K. Shift towards the future.

You’ve completed a 5K. Once. Twice. Maybe ten times, or more. But your speed could be better — and your training program is feeling a bit . . . stale.

Fall in love with running all over again, with The Bridge to 10K training guide — a series of downloadable plans for 5K runners who want more speed, more endurance, and a renewed sense of purpose.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to our full-tilt 10K e-course — but want to keep moving towards your next big running challenge — these month-by-month guides will add diversity, spontaneity & delight to your training regime.

Each PDF download contains 4 weeks of workouts, with three different workouts each week. You can follow each week exactly as printed, or mix and match your favourites from across the Bridge to 10K range - whatever takes your fancy!

There are 8 Bridge to 10K training guides — that's 8 months of running & conditioning drills, training diaries, and expert coaching insights — ready for you to download and put into action, right now.

Pick & choose your ideal training guides a la carte at £12 GBP a pop.

Train at your own speed. But pick up the pace. And when you’re ready, the 10K is waiting.
Round 1

Find your gears

Learn to feel your own personal running speeds (from slow-motion to speedy to supersonic) and build your endurance, at each level.
Round 2

Learn to run intervals

You can train your body to run faster, naturally. Intervals make it easy to pick up the pace, in short bursts you can handle.
Round 3


Polish your form & technique, with a series of kickass drills. People might stare. Don’t worry — they’re just entranced by your moves.
Round 4

Strengthen your feet

Running requires cardiovascular endurance, toned muscles & a powerful mental commitment — but your feet are your strongest weapon. Learn how to put wings on your toes, and fly even faster.
Round 5

Fartlek, or Speed Play

Funny name. Serious results. Discover a Swedish training technique that conditions your body for both anaerobic & aerobic workouts. Crank up the ABBA to maximum volume.
Round 6

Work your booty

Oh, the treasured runners butt. Activate those glutes & hamstrings to reshape your booty, and add more power to your long-distance runs.
Round 7


Discover the number one best drill for runners. Skip your way to faster running!
Round 8

Jump! Jump!

Kriss Kross were on to something back in the 90s. Learn how jumping drills get your running muscles firing faster and stronger.