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  • Rock the 10k

The Rock the 10K training guide

The drills. The chills. The thrills. You’re so ready.

A 10K? No sweat. Well, OK — maybe a little.

Accelerate your finish time and hone your form with Rock the 10K — a series of downloadable PDF training plans for 10K runners who want a deeper commitment to physical fitness.

If you’ve set your sights on our half-marathon e-course — but need to master the 10K before you’re ready to register — these month-by-month guides will add fresh challenges, drills & rewarding routines to your training regime.

Each PDF download contains 4 weeks of workouts, with three different workouts each week. You can follow each week exactly as printed, or mix and match your favourites from across the Rock the 10K range - whatever takes your fancy!

There are 4 Rock the 10K training guides — that's 4 months of running & conditioning drills, training diaries, and expert coaching insights — ready for you to download and put into action.

Pick & choose your ideal training guides a la carte at £12 GBP a pop.

Mix it up. Kick your own butt. And when it’s time, the half marathon is next in line.
Round 1

Stride frequency

The secret to shortening your race time? It’s all in your stride. Learn a super-simple technique to increase your foot strike frequency & get those legs turning over, faster-faster-faster.
Round 2


Hills are not the enemy! Tackle those inclines with a fresh aerobic training routine designed specifically for uphill running. You’ll be scanning the horizon for mountaintops, in no time.
Round 3


Skipping is not just for kids - professional athletes love it too! This Round will get your feet working more efficiently...
Round 4

Kicks -
Front & Back

Kick your own butt with these awesome kicking drills! It's not martial arts - it's all about getting those feet working to help the legs go faster.