My First 5K – Nico from Italy

In this new series we’re talking to runners about their first races of various kinds. First up today is Nico, who has just graduated from the Summer 5K Beginners Course. We loved her Race Report on the Up & Running Forums so much we asked could we include it here on the blog. Thanks Nico!

Nico and her son Teo, who walked the race with his grandparents

Ok, first of all… it was not a full 5k, it was just 4.8k but…

Julia was right: running a race is something completely different.

The race took place on the mountain, not far from where my parents live, at 1.500 altitude, but I was sure it was flat.

It wasn’t. At all. But I’m happy my friend (who is in the organization of the race) told my a lie: I would never have gone to run there if I knew. The course developed on a valley, with a river in the middle: going up from one side of the river, going down on the other side…

The “going up” part was… steep, very steep. A sort of pathway going up, up, up… no asphalt of course. On the start line I tried to stay quite in the front (as suggested by Julia) but I didn’t realized when the start was given so… I was swept away by a lot of real runners and got also some elbows in my sides…

I said to myself, “Oh my God, it’s my first race and I didn’t notice the start!!! OK, now, run!”

I started very very slowly and when after 100 mt I saw that uphill and I wanted to die. I said to myself to go very very slowly… but I didn’t have any choice anyway.

My target for the race was just one: to run the whole race, not to stop, not to walk… run. Just because I knew I could. But I didn’t expect that horrible uphill. I don’t know how but I did it: 2K of awful, hard uphill.

Than we crossed the bridge and the downhill started. I thought that I could recover and go faster because it was 1k of full downhill on asphalt… but I couldn’t. I don’t know why, maybe because of the rhythm change but a stitch was hurting so much in my right side, and it stopped only if I went slow. So dreams of recovering and going faster… bye bye!

The rest of the race was quite flat and I could run with no problem.

I have to say that it has been hard, really hard but no comparison with any of the workouts. I quite can’t find the words to describe it. It was exciting, adrenalinic. It was a little race with 500 runners in a little village in the north of Italy but I was so proud to be there and to arrive to the finish line running.

The final 50 mt were the worst thing of all, very, very, very uphill but I was at the end (and I didn’t want to let everybody watch me drag myself through the line with my elbows) so I did it.

My final time was 33:19. Oh my God I was soooo proud of myself, so happy.

Julia and Shauna: I can’t find the words to say thank you, really. I didn’t know I had THIS in me. You knew. THANK YOU.

Girls: do you think it’s crazy to cry on the finish line of a 5k race?

Believe me girls: YOU WILL DO THE SAME!!!

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  1. fd
    Wow Nico! Well done, that's a fab time and you did so well. You just don't look like a beginner runner from that photo. Total pro!