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U&R Superstars: Sara Lando rocks the Loch Ness Marathon – Part 2

In Part 2 of our interview, Up & Runner Sara relives her Loch Ness Marathon race day in glorious detail (here’s Part 1 if you missed it!). 11. Imagine someone made a cheesy movie montage of your Loch Ness race day – what stand-out moments would you include? Walking into the mist at the crack of… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Sara Lando rocks the Loch Ness Marathon – Part 1

Photographer Sara Lando has a come a helluva long way since she rocked our very first 5K Course back in 2011. In September she scored the last badge in the Up & Running set after kicking butt in the Loch Ness Marathon. In this first installment of a two-parter, she spills the beans on her… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Frances rocks the Venice Marathon

Up & Running Alumni member Frances is an English pâtissier/writer living in Paris. In addition to French she also speaks Italian, so she signed up for Coach Julia’s famous My First Marathon programme for the Venice Marathon. Frances has kindly shared her race report for the blog. It’s a wonderful read, so make yourself a… [Read More]

A Mother’s Day running tale

Here’s a cracker of a Mother’s Day race report from Aussie Up & Runner Jo, in which she said… “Happy Mother’s Day Mum – we’re going for a run!” About a month ago I informed my mother that I’d entered us into a fun run together on Mother’s Day. The distance was 4km and the… [Read More]

Anne the Accidental Marathoner

The pink pompom emoticon  got a serious workout on the Up & Running Alumni forum last weekend as we tuned in to read a hotly-anticipated race report — Anne from Adelaide had ran her first marathon in Philadelphia. Both Julia (who coached Anne for the race) and I had followed her progress via text updates and… [Read More]

My very first bike race

There’s a Half and Full Marathon near my city that also organizes a bike race the day before. When I saw they had a special “combined” category for whoever did the bike and run race, I knew was in! They had several combinations but I chose the one I felt most comfortable with: the 96km… [Read More]

My First 5K – Nico from Italy

In this new series we’re talking to runners about their first races of various kinds. First up today is Nico, who has just graduated from the Summer 5K Beginners Course. We loved her Race Report on the Up & Running Forums so much we asked could we include it here on the blog. Thanks Nico!… [Read More]

Julia’s very first Half Ironman, Part IV

Here’s the final instalment of Coach Julia’s epic Half Ironman adventure. You can also read Part I, Part II and Part III. As I started my half marathon run the strangest thing happened to me: I could feel my running legs! One of the things that you need to train for in a triathlon is the… [Read More]

Julia’s very first Half Ironman, Part III

One of the biggest problem I have during endurance racing, be it running or triathons, is low blood sugar and energy. After a few hours my body somehow doesn’t signal out to dip into my fat reserves. I’ve tried all kinds of tricks like running on empty or low carbs but that original blue print… [Read More]

Julia’s very first Half Ironman – Part II

Before packing for a triathlon race I always make a list about two pages long of what I need to put in my bags. First there’s all the swimming gear: several pairs of goggles (so I can choose), a wetsuit, flip flops, earplugs, Vaseline, sunscreen. Moving onto the bike we have a helmet, bike shoes…… [Read More]