The joys of a crack of dawn 5K

This morning I virtuously ran 5K at 5.30am.

I did not do this alone.

Actually there were probably about 3000 people running around town at the crack of dawn…


Longtime readers may recall that a few years ago Sergio Bezzanti had the idea to organise a race at dawn during the first days of summer. He called it Run 5.30 and gave it a 5.30 am start, covering 5.3km. Some people thought he was nuts but a thousand people showed up in the dark for that first event. Since then it’s grown to nine Italian cities with sold out status in every one of them.

Two years after my first Run 5.30, getting out of bed at 4.30am to be at a starting line an hour later is still not exactly my idea of fun. But then there you are before the sun is up surrounded by thousands of fellow citizens…  running. It is awesome! Just a little after 6am, your workout for the day is finished and you can walk around feeling one step ahead of the bed dwellers. That is my idea of fun!

P.S. Our Summer 5K Course starts on Monday, if you’d like me to coax you out of bed for your own morning run. Promise there’s no megaphone involved!




  1. helen
    Julia this is a wonderful story - I felt a little teary reading it! I am big into compassion in my work, which includes kindness, but also strength and wisdom. A lot of people focus on just the kindness aspect, but actually the wisdom and strength to understand distress and know how to keep going in the face of adversity is a key part. You were kind to yourself to let yourself have a cry, and then strong to keep going. The guy who waited with the chip mat was both kind, but also strong to stick with his conviction in the face of being told to do otherwise. These moments in life are in soe ways small, and yet so big at the same time. Thanks for sharing - you're such an inspiration!!
  2. helen
    Oops - this comment above was supposed to be for the next post about busting out of comfort zones. Don't know how I ended posting in the wrong place - sorry!!
  3. Julia
    Thank you for the comment Helen (know where it's supposed to go!) - I was really happy the chip mat guy waited, hadn't thought about how many hours he had to have faith in me too ;-) j
  4. Julia
    I wanted to say I know where you meant for the comment to go!