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Ironman 70.3 Nice Race Report

Last year when I finished racing Ironman Emilia Romagna my husband let me know that for 2018 a full distance Ironman was not to be put on the calendar. Ironman training takes a lot of family time too. He did however approve a half Ironman so I looked for the most exciting and challenging one… [Read More]

Running on vacation

Last week I went to spend a week with my father in California for his 86th birthday. Since I live in Italy it’s quite a trek for me to get there and back, but it’s totally worth it. I love having quality time with him, it’s always an intense week together. I’ve been doing this… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman Emilia Romagna Race Report

In the weeks leading up to Ironman Emilia Romagna I was nervous without knowing why. I kept asking myself why I should do this race if the mental preparation was going to crush me. The training was going well, but the summer heat just never seemed to end. Training in August, when I had the… [Read More]

Coach Julia Goes To Boston: A marathon on zero mileage

Remember in February when I mentioned that I’d had the flu three times since Christmas? That I was signed up to run the Boston Marathon and would just forge on with two months of training to go? Well, that plan got chucked out the window when I got a fever again at the end of March,  just three… [Read More]

“Non c’è due senza tre”

“Non c’è due senza tre” is an Italian proverb which means if you do something twice you’re bound to do it a third time. Yesterday I signed up for my third Ironman, IM Cervia in Italy. There are a few long distance triathlons in Italy, one is even really well organised which is kind of… [Read More]

My 56th birth day

I have to admit that before I turned 56 yesterday I was feeling a little bit Debbie Downer about the whole day. It wasn’t a number I was particularly excited about and I hadn’t yet picked out any special gift for myself so I had nothing to really look forward to. But then I told myself… [Read More]

Let’s train for a 10K together!

After living so many months with the Mysterious Fever I’m feeling like myself again and let me tell you, it’s nothing short of a miracle. In addition to wonderful things like waking up rested in the morning and being able to think straight, I’m back to a normal training schedule. Sort of. My sister invited me to stay at… [Read More]

A mystery fever solved

The symptoms that something was wrong had been a long time. For almost a year I didn’t quite feel like myself. My thinking was foggy, I was chronically tired, I couldn’t get a lot of enthusiasm going to run or train hard because… I was chronically tired and my thinking was foggy. I blamed it… [Read More]

How to bust out of your comfort zone

Last Monday I woke with a blah mood hanging over me. After splashing cold water on my face and sipping a honey-laced tea it was still there. So I sat my husband down to use him as a sounding board. “I feel like my training doesn’t have any direction,” I said. I’ve got races in the calendar but… [Read More]

Saunas, steam baths and running

Last weekend I was invited by my friend Paola to her family’s vacation home in the mountains along the Italian-Austrian border, along with six other runner friends. It was to be a whole weekend of swimming, running and visiting the various Wellness Centres in the area. She had me as soon as I heard the words “Wellness Centre”…. [Read More]