5km run on demand

Hot almost summer sunset
Hot almost summer sunset

On Sunday Shauna and I worked all day on a project that needed to be wrapped up. Even though it was the weekend we decided to plough ahead ’til the end.

Looking at and talking through a computer screen for hours on end can be tiring. We paused for tea mid-morning and later took a lunch break. At one point Shauna wanted to take a walk outside for some fresh air. I decided to go for a quick 5km run.

My Ironman training has been going well, but  last week it took a backseat to Up & Running work and my family. Instead of freaking out about not doing the “right” workouts for my big race in July, I just ran a little whenever I could.

I have this 5km loop that goes from my house to a country road that winds around some fields. It was almost sunset and the sun reflected on wheat in the field, turning it a golden colour. The run only took me a half hour but it totally changed my mood and perspective. By the time I got back home I was ready to sit back down at the computer and finish our work.

This is what I love about running. To be able to recharge my mind in body in an instant. I ran 5km three times this last week but I changed it every time. Tuesday I started out slow then finished strong. Thursday I added in some skipping and knee lifts every five minutes. Yesterday? I enjoyed the view of  golden wheat in a field and felt blessed.

Please join us next for the summer session of our 5K Course, we’d love to get you Up & Running!