Why the 5K is fabulous

Kapow! We’ve just launched the new self-paced version of our 5K Beginners Course. It’s the same 8-week killer training plan complete with wild cheer squad and coaching support, but now you can sign up at any time. So if you spy an interesting race, you can start training whenever suits you.

To celebrate the launch, we asked our Alumni peeps what they love about the 5K distance…

“The thing I like about 5k is that it’s shorter than the 10k.” – Marci, USA

Why the 5K is fabulous

“You can do them frequently without worry of lengthy ‘recovery’ period, so can compare progress across them.” – Marci again, on a more serious note 😉

“5k is actually a fair distance, not just a stroll round the block, so you can feel a real sense of achievement when you cross that finish line.” – Carole, USA

“I love that I never feel slow or out of place during a 5k event – there are so many people out there of all ages and abilities just giving it a crack” – Georgia, Australia

“The great thing about the 5K Course is that it works. All you need to do is follow the workouts as written and as scheduled. After a mere eight weeks, spending only three hours a week or so, you’ll be able to do 5K, even if you never imagined you’d get that far. It’s magic!” – Katherine, USA

“5km is so do-able in so many different ways. You can run-walk, you can race on the road, you can trot through the forest, you can throw yourself over obstacles and you can even push a buggy round.” – Avril, UK

“I can get out and see a really good amount of my neighbourhood without giving my life over to training!” – Nicky, UK

And here’s Avril again, summing up beautifully what the 5K means for Up & Runners:

“It’s a travel group with a running problem!”

Ready for 5K glory? Join us on the 5K Course today!