A day in the running coach life

At Up & Running we have an efficient and awesome schedule that Shauna created to make operations run smoothly. But when work and life get in the way I get flustered and the first thing I have difficulty keeping up with is writing. We don’t like to slap stuff up here for the heck of it; we like to write and create content that’s helpful and meaningful. As I scrambled around on Monday playing catch up I thought maybe I should be real and show what my day looks like.

This last weekend I worked in Jesolo, Italy organizing the pacing team for the Moonlight Half Marathon and 10K.


It’s not a difficult job, it just takes time and patience to herd people around. I always choose pacers that I can work well with and that can follow simple instructions. It helps if they’re cute and can give you a thumbs up before the start. 

I love the Moonlight Half race because it’s a sign that summer is right around the corner. The 13 miler sold out this year with 4000 runners. They also added in a 10k which turned out beautifully.


We added in pacers for the 10k which runners seemed to appreciate. Barbara was our 1 hour pacer and she said she was surrounded by people for most of the race.

So I worked in Jesolo from Friday morning to Saturday night, finishing at midnight. I slept until 8AM, had breakfast and then drove the 250km home.

Our long year of my husband working down south will end in a few weeks (thank God!) but he still had to get on a train that night to go back to work. So Sunday afternoon was spent being together and relaxing. After he left I got to bed early to get a start on Monday.

I often get asked how I “do” it all. I don’t think I’m able to do everything I want but I give it my best, whatever that happens to be at the moment.

6.20 AM – Alarm goes off, I hit snooze a few times but I’m up by 6.30. I wake my son and we have breakfast together. We’re out the door by 7.40 for him to start school at 8. I drop him off and then head straight back home. I straighten up the kitchen then head to my office, ten feet away.

My work diary

8.30 AM – I have to make a list for myself every dang day or else I fall behind. I’ve tried apps and programs but always come back to pen and paper. I love crossing stuff off and carrying my diary with me to jot things down. Whatever I don’t finish gets pushed to the next day.

I do use a timing app that I am loving called ATracker. I play around with the colours and icons. I like seeing where I spend my time so I can tweak it and improve (hopefully). I also tend to think that I’m a slacker… but in reality I’d just finished a 50 hour work week. Not a slacker.

Time app

I work until about 1PM then prepare lunch, ready for when Evan gets off the bus by 1.40. I cook quick dishes like risotto or pasta with sauces that I’ve pre-prepared. By 2PM I’m back to work.

3PM – Since I was away working for the weekend I needed to get back out on the bike and into the sunshine before the forecasted storms rolled in. I covered 40km in an hour and a half… huzzah!

Out for a bike ride5PM – Evan’s yoga class is conveniently next to a shopping center so I did a quick grocery shopping for the week. After yoga we drove to the park where I train a running group.

7PM – I’ve been training this group for an oncology center for three months now. Their aim is a half marathon in October. They’re doing really well and are starting to be able to “run” rather than “survive” a workout.

My running group

9PM – Dinner! Evan is not a picky eater so whatever I put on the table is fine with him. Earlier I’d bought steak burgers which is steak ground up into a burger as opposed to cheap hamburger meat. The taste and flavour is out of this world! It’s more expensive but one each was enough. I also chopped up potatoes and made oven-baked french fries.

I washed dishes and straightened up while watching a triathlon race on TV. I answered a few emails that had floated in during the afternoon but then closed my computer.

10.30PM – I got in bed with a book but I don’t remember reading anything. I was sound asleep and hoping to get in my 8 hours of sleep before that alarm went off again to start another day.

  1. James @ HalfMarathonJames
    I had a conversation with my brother about making lists... we both do it every day, both with a pen and paper. I'm glad we aren't alone. I don't think i've ever got to the end of one with everything crossed off though...
  2. Julia
    Hey James, I hardly ever get to the end either but I put the most important stuff at the top so I get those done first. At the end of the day whatever is left over gets forwarded and written into the next day.