Let’s train for a 10K together!

After living so many months with the Mysterious Fever I’m feeling like myself again and let me tell you, it’s nothing short of a miracle. In addition to wonderful things like waking up rested in the morning and being able to think straight, I’m back to a normal training schedule. Sort of. My sister invited me to stay at… [Read More]

A mystery fever solved

The symptoms that something was wrong had been a long time. For almost a year I didn’t quite feel like myself. My thinking was foggy, I was chronically tired, I couldn’t get a lot of enthusiasm going to run or train hard because… I was chronically tired and my thinking was foggy. I blamed it… [Read More]

Stephanie Madsen runs the Seven Continents

  Hey team, it’s Julia here. Today I’ve got a conversation for you that I had with a coaching client of mine who is on a mission to run a marathon on each of the seven continents in one year. Meet Stephanie Madsen, an American living in Treviso, Italy! What inspired you to run the seven… [Read More]

Dipsea Trail Adventures

April 2016 will forever be known as one of the suckiest months I’ve had in a really long time. It started out with the two back-to-back fevers and just as I was starting to feel like I could move on I got a phone call from my Dad. My stepmother had passed away. I got a… [Read More]

Another great reason to run

For three days I was a bundle of nerves. Zero attention span, butterflies in my stomach, working until late just to make myself drop dead tired so that when I finally went to bed I’d be out like a light. No time to contemplate anything while I lay in the dark, just deep sleep. I’d wake the… [Read More]

Clare 5K – Let’s make some noise

It’s the Clare 5K today! As Up & Runners far and wide trot ’round to celebrate the life of our friend Clare, we wanted to talk a little more about ovarian cancer and its symptoms. Throughout March, Target Ovarian Cancer is running its #StartMakingNoise campaign, to raise awareness of the symptoms: “Ovarian cancer can be devastating. Far too many… [Read More]

Giving your training purpose

Last week I was invited take part in my very first swim meet. I took swim lessons as a child and can still remember my Mom driving us to the pool in the San Francisco summer fog. We learned the basic strokes and how to dive off the board. I’d stay in the water so… [Read More]

Join us next week for the Clare 5K

Last September our wonderful friend Clare passed away from ovarian cancer. She was a treasured member of the Up & Running community – always up for a laugh, a weekend away, a long walk and/or a gin and tonic. It’s impossible to put into words just how much we miss her wicked wit and sparkling kindness,… [Read More]

How to bust out of your comfort zone

Last Monday I woke with a blah mood hanging over me. After splashing cold water on my face and sipping a honey-laced tea it was still there. So I sat my husband down to use him as a sounding board. “I feel like my training doesn’t have any direction,” I said. I’ve got races in the calendar but… [Read More]

Saunas, steam baths and running

Last weekend I was invited by my friend Paola to her family’s vacation home in the mountains along the Italian-Austrian border, along with six other runner friends. It was to be a whole weekend of swimming, running and visiting the various Wellness Centres in the area. She had me as soon as I heard the words “Wellness Centre”…. [Read More]