Julia’s Training: April update

Each month Coach Julia spills the beans on her own training.

I’ll just blurt it out right away: I’m still dealing with my wonky left knee. The good news is that it’s not gotten worse. The bad news is that I still have no idea what is happening with it. Exams show absolutely nothing and the discomfort comes and goes. Some days I feel nothing and think, “oh, it’s healed!” But then it isn’t. I can run for up to 6 miles without it acting up too much but I don’t feel like I can go beyond that. So I don’t.

But I can bike, and I’m biking like crazy. I’m feeling stronger and faster on my rides and that helps me mentally. And I watch people run, which makes me happy even if I can’t.

Julia accompanying an athlete

I’m also swimming a lot, three times a week during my lunch break. We have a new swim coach on my tri team. Besides being an excellent coach he’s really motivating. I feel stronger and more confident in the water. Thanks Andrea!

Julia in the sea

I’m going to a kick-ass yoga session once a week and can once again do handstands and headstands. I’m stronger with improved endurance.

I try and look at all of what I can do rather than what I can’t and the Cans definitely outdo the Can’ts. My knee has definitely turned me into a combo Zen-Yoda being. I just observe, watch and keep doing the best I can remembering that I am not a professional athlete and I run, bike and swim for my health and well being… so CHILL OUT and have fun. Things will evolve, they always do!

Julia on the bike