Running Makeover: Nico’s April Update

This week we’re catching up with our Running Makeover-ees! First up it’s the lovely Nico on over in Italy…

So Nico, to give our readers some background, how did you get into running?

I first got into running after my first son’s birth. I needed to take care of my body and I needed something flexible and cheap. Running was my first option: you just need one hour and a a pair of shoes and you can do something for yourself (plus being alone for an hour, breathing fresh air, being alone again!!).

What’s been the highlight of your running career… so far?

I did one half marathon last year but the two highlights of my running career, the moments I will remember forever, are my first 5k (i cried, really) and that time I did 18 km during a long run before the half marathon. I remember I gave a look at my watch and thought for the first time: “Wow, I run, I really do!”.

Nico and her son Teo, after her first 5K race
Nico and her son Teo, after her first 5K race

Now back to the present day and your Makeover… how’s the training going?

The training is going great! Having a plan to follow just makes a big difference to me. Having a “personal” plan, just built on my needs, life and level of training, makes a BIG difference. I am starting to understand people who have a personal trainer: it’s a sort of lighthouse in the dark and you can always relate to it as you loose your direction.

I love the plan Julia created for me. It’s challenging, intense but absolutely doable. I love the long reps and the “here and there” jumping, squatting and Storking. The best thing about it is that I feel strong at the end of every workout.

What’s it like running in your part of the world this time of year?

Here in the north of Italy, this is the best season to run. The temperatures are nice and it’s not too hot. Right now I train early in the morning during the week (alarm clock at 5:45!) because I have two children and it’s really difficult to run during the day as my Husband comes home in the evening. During the weekends I can run in the afternoon or late in the morning and I love it.

I have the fortune of living in a beautiful place, on the top of a hill surrounded by woods and I have so much green around me. I can run for an hour without meeting anybody.

When you’re out there pounding the pavement, do you prefer music or silence?

I never run with music. I feel like I’m too isolated from the rest of the world. I need to hear what’s happening around me and most of all I need to listen to my breath. When I run I am not able of think of anything but what I am doing. Even if I have problems or thoughts, I’m just able to think about running.

We’re glad your running mojo is returning, Nico! Tune in tomorrow when we’ll catch up with Jen in Canada.