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Running Fuel: How to make your own sports drinks

While training for my Ironman last year I did a lot of research on hydration. I’d heard all sorts of horror stories about people cramping up into balls on the run course and muscle spasms that left permanent scars. Then I read Dr. Tim Noakes’ book Waterlogged and felt more confident that I didn’t have to drink… [Read More]

Running fuel: Cheesecake for breakfast

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Because I eat a light dinner (it seems to help me sleep better), when I wake up each morning I’m ready for that first meal. I love lingering over a cup of hot coffee and something wonderful to accompany it. I’m pretty monotonous with my morning meals. I’ll eat… [Read More]

Keeping your immune system healthy

Knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood… I haven’t been sick in over a year. I’m sort of scared to say that out loud because then a new strain of flu could develop in the Orient, swoop in on my body and everybody would say, “Ha! So you’re not immune!”. But I’ll knock on wood… [Read More]

Once a week treat

When I was growing up as a small child in California our family had a special weekly treat: dessert! For my three siblings the popular choice was ice cream on Sunday night. Sometimes we’d just scoop out cones for ourselves at home, other times Dad would take us out to a fancy ice cream parlour…. [Read More]

Running Fuel: Make your own pesto

I have this thing about making my own food. I know that the package version probably exists but when you use fresh ingredients everything tastes so much better. You can control the textures and experiment with adding in more of this and less of  that. As an athlete I also find that I function better on nutritionally… [Read More]

Running and Hypothyroidism

Last Sunday I raced my fourth Ironman 70.3 distance, this time in Zell am See, Austria. I’m really excited to write about it because, well, I totally rocked it! But before I do that I think I need to do a short preamble to my story. At the beginning of spring I wasn’t feeling well…. [Read More]

The Watermelon Diet

After a month at our beach house in the south of Italy I came back home to find my clothes a little tight. My summer wardrobe consists of loose cotton dresses and workout clothes, so it was a little worrisome to feel a change. I stayed in denial for another week, but then knew I had… [Read More]

How to keep hydrated when it’s hot hot hot

We’re in the midst of a heat wave over here in Europe. It’s supposed to reach 40°C/104°F this week. I do most of my running after 8PM but even then it’s still a struggle. I sweat a lot and need to make sure I keep hydrated. A common misconception runners have about hydrating is that… [Read More]

Running Fuel: A marvellous mac’n’cheese makeover

Calling all pasta fiends! Today our guest Kathryn Elliott from An Honest Kitchen has a healthy and truly droolworthy mac ‘n’ cheese makeover that’s a perfect post-run dinner.  Pasta is the classic post-run meal. Amongst old school runners, consuming a huge bowl of the stuff, before going to bed in a drowsy carbohydrate haze, is… [Read More]

Will run for dessert: Orange tiramisu

If you have a crowd of hungry runners to feed, or require no excuse at all for a summery and delicate take on the Italian coffee-laden classic, we urge you to give this scrumptious orange tiramisu a whirl. It was the incredibly tasty finale to our Sicilian feast evening at the Bologna retreat. Tiziana, the superb cook… [Read More]