Run for Elio (Corro per Elio)

On the day of my hit-and-run bike accident I got an email from my friend Vito Palmiotti who works for  the company 3M (think post-its!) in Milan. He’s full of enthusiasm for running and has spread the love to his colleagues by creating a running team of more than sixty employees. The Milan 3M headquarters has a private park… [Read More]

What can you do when you can’t run

Since my accident last month I’ve received many lovely messages of general love and caring. Thank you to everybody! Even a quick text asking, “how are you doing?” really helped my emotional state. My cast is finally off after thirty days of sweaty torture. Fellow runner friends immediately started asking, “When can you start working out again?”… [Read More]

Running Roundup #15

We’re in a quiet mood this cloudy Tuesday and looking for distraction. Here’s some great reads we found… This is not a “set back.” It’s a set up for a miracle. – Susan Hyatt A devoted runner sidelined by injury, Susan went in search of inspiration wound up changing, “my entire perception about what a “set… [Read More]

Life lessons from a badly broken arm

A couple of weeks ago I had an accident. It’s crazy how life can change in a split second. As I passed a line of (illegally) parked cars on my city bike, a van driver opened their door without looking. I went flying and took the fall on my left forearm. It broke in five… [Read More]

Running games on the beach

The workout plan for the evening was to run a few warm up miles then go down to the beach for exercises on the sand. The trainer was my husband Piero (in our house known as “Supreme Commando” when it comes to running workouts) and running with me was one of his marathon athletes, Domenico. I… [Read More]

Coach Julia’s 6 hot tips for summer running

I signed up for a sprint triathlon last Sunday knowing it would be a scorcher. Southern Europe is in the middle of heat wave with temperatures reaching 95°F/35°C, and it looks like it will stay that way until the end of the month. I got through the 5km run section of the triathlon by carrying a bottle… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman 70.3 Pescara – 2015 edition

Ironman 70.3 Pescara was my first important race leading up to Ironman Barcelona this next October. I wanted to use it to gauge if my current training was going in the right direction. On race morning Piero and Evan stayed in bed while I got ready, had breakfast and hitched a ride with friends to… [Read More]

Why the 5K is fabulous

Kapow! We’ve just launched the new self-paced version of our 5K Beginners Course. It’s the same 8-week killer training plan complete with wild cheer squad and coaching support, but now you can sign up at any time. So if you spy an interesting race, you can start training whenever suits you. To celebrate the launch, we asked… [Read More]

A day in the running coach life

At Up & Running we have an efficient and awesome schedule that Shauna created to make operations run smoothly. But when work and life get in the way I get flustered and the first thing I have difficulty keeping up with is writing. We don’t like to slap stuff up here for the heck of it; we like to… [Read More]

Julia’s Training: May update

The past month’s training has been a great lesson in keeping steady, without letting the ebbs and flows influence my mood or my intentions too much. I’d like to say “at all” but being the ball of emotional that I am, that’s impossible. There have been a few steps back, but the many steps forward… [Read More]