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The chronometer reality of running and ageing

When runners sign up for my 1-on-1 coaching they first fill out a questionnaire that tells me all sorts of information. Even the way they fill it out, the number of words or the choice of nouns, verbs and adjectives clues me into their personality. But what I’m mostly interested in discovering is their past, present and future. What… [Read More]

Dipsea Trail Adventures

April 2016 will forever be known as one of the suckiest months I’ve had in a really long time. It started out with the two back-to-back fevers and just as I was starting to feel like I could move on I got a phone call from my Dad. My stepmother had passed away. I got a… [Read More]

Saunas, steam baths and running

Last weekend I was invited by my friend Paola to her family’s vacation home in the mountains along the Italian-Austrian border, along with six other runner friends. It was to be a whole weekend of swimming, running and visiting the various Wellness Centres in the area. She had me as soon as I heard the words “Wellness Centre”…. [Read More]

Tea and Inspiration for 2016

I’ve been training my local group of ladies for five years now. What I love the most about working with them is seeing them evolve, physically and mentally. They all began with a 5K race and have gone on to longer distance and races. They encourage and inspire each other; no one is ever left behind. I like to… [Read More]

What can you do when you can’t run

Since my accident last month I’ve received many lovely messages of general love and caring. Thank you to everybody! Even a quick text asking, “how are you doing?” really helped my emotional state. My cast is finally off after thirty days of sweaty torture. Fellow runner friends immediately started asking, “When can you start working out again?”… [Read More]

Running games on the beach

The workout plan for the evening was to run a few warm up miles then go down to the beach for exercises on the sand. The trainer was my husband Piero (in our house known as “Supreme Commando” when it comes to running workouts) and running with me was one of his marathon athletes, Domenico. I… [Read More]

The craziest injury EVER!

Do you remember my knee injury? The one that started in Barcelona, persisted at the Milan Marathon and gave me grief during the marathon portion of Ironman Zurich? You’ll be happy to know that I finally figured it out and am now completely healed. I would like to say that it’s been an interesting journey, but… [Read More]

How to calm pre-race nerves

I told my husband that I was going to write about calming pre-race nerves. He started laughing and asked, “You?” Let’s just say that I’ve not always had a great history of being calm before a race. But when I recognised that it was becoming a problem no matter what the race or distance, I took the matter… [Read More]

On busting out of our comfort zones

I want to tell you about a bike race I did last month. I know someone might stumble upon this running blog and think, “what’s this got to do with running?!”. I promise if you read to the end I’ll bring you there, we’re just taking a slight detour… I signed up for this cycling race… [Read More]

Yes, I am S.A.D.

This week I have been blue. Really blue. Like teary and sleepy and thinking that my favourite past time should not be running but cupcake baking. The trickiest part of any moment of being down is that you get scared that it might last forever. Or maybe that’s just me. But then I remembered, hey,… [Read More]