Dipsea Trail Adventures

April 2016 will forever be known as one of the suckiest months I’ve had in a really long time. It started out with the two back-to-back fevers and just as I was starting to feel like I could move on I got a phone call from my Dad. My stepmother had passed away. I got a flight within hours and landed in California the next afternoon to convene with the rest of the family.


Between housecleaning and memorial arrangements we all tried to stay sane. For me this means moving and being active in some form. I’d brought my running shoes but I didn’t have my head on straight to run. Plus, I still felt the after effects of the double fever so not really into slugging it out. I went on morning walks along the creeks and drives out to the beach to walk along the shoreline.

Then, when everything had calmed down I saw a window of opportunity to spend a day on the Dipsea Trail.


The strange thing about this day was that I’d dreamed about it a month earlier. I’d been thinking about a trip out to California and what activities I could do. At the top of my list was running the Dipsea Trail. It’s a gorgeous, challenging trail that starts in Mill Valley, winds through Muir Woods, over Mt Tamalpais and down to Stinson Beach. It’s gloriously filled with redwood, pine and juniper scents all the way to the Pacific Ocean.


That Sunday I’d started out early so I hit Stinson Beach at about 11.30 AM. I’d hooked a bathing suit to my belt but when I got to the ocean it was super crowded so I decided to just have something to eat and head back on the trail to do a Double Dipsea, out and back!


Going over only took two hours and fifteen minutes, walking most of the time. The way back was a bit more challenging. I was tired, it was hot and I totally was not used to trekking on a trail. Hats off to all the trail runners I know and train! It took me thirty minutes extra to make it back to Mill Valley but I was so happy to have completed 26 km on the Dipsea Trail.


I think we each mourn in a different way. I know that my way will always be to be alone in nature, communicate with whoever is out there, feeling at peace once again.

  1. Tessa
    I have such good memories of Muir woods. My hubby asked me to marry him during that trip :) I can imagine the sights and sounds and most importantly smells running through. I wish I'd had my running shoes back then! I'm glad the woods helped you feel better <3
    • Julia
      Thank you, Tessa <3
  2. MarciG
    Wonderful, Julia. I imagine something about the scale of those trees and water can really contribute to that feeling.
    • Julia