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Drive-by mockery

Let’s pretend you’re a teenager lad driving a car filled with fellow teenage lads. You spy a runner, innocently running along the pavement. What do you do? The standard options are: a) Pay no heed and drive on. b) Wind down the window and yell something idiotic. I think it depends on your personal level… [Read More]

Catching up with… Sas Petherick

Today we’re catching up with Sas Petherick, life coach extraordinaire and a graduate of our very first 5K Course way back in Spring 2011. We talked running, meditation for dummies, her brand new e-course, plus weight loss as a side effect of a much bigger journey… 1. You were one of our very first 5K Course… [Read More]

The four moany stages of the common cold

There’s something in the air at the moment. Germs. Sniffles. Raspy lungs. Fevers and chills. Lately on the U&R Alumni Forum a number of our runners have been struck down by lurgies. Can colds be caught over the internet? I joined their miserable ranks this Saturday at 3am, when I woke up feeling like my throat… [Read More]

Check up time!

I’d been feeling a little blue in the month of march, but I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten until I found myself in tears one morning at 7.00 am. My husband hugged me, I had already given him a “heads up” a few days before that something was wrong, I just couldn’t figure… [Read More]

When you think you can’t, most times you can.

A few weeks ago a group of my local ladies asked me to prepare them for a half marathon. They all run regularly but the leap from 10km to half marathon in a short time span is a big one. It’s not always easy to do but it’s possible with a little guidance. So, I… [Read More]

Workout strategies for a cold, dark, whiny February

You don’t need motivation, our great leader Coach Julia once famously said, You just need to get off your ass and go. Ever since she uttered those immortal words my exercise excuses have dramatically decreased. She is maddeningly right – I can’t wait around to feel like exercising; that rarely happens. I have to get into… [Read More]

Introducing the Christmas HAM Plan

Throughout November on our Alumni Forum I’ve kept up what was dubbed the BUGOYA Plan. It sounds like a fancy Russian ballet group but it’s actually the acronym for the “Buck Up and Get Off Your Ass” Plan. I needed something to keep me going during this rainy fall month and BUGOYA really helped me… [Read More]

Scraped knees and a wandering mind

One of the most hotly debated posts on our 5K Beginners Courses is the one on how I don’t like running with music. Some participants are aghast at the idea of not rocking out while they run. I’m not against music, I just think that sometimes you need to be present while you run. Case in point: this… [Read More]

Nipping it in the bud

I went running the other day and it totally sucked. I started out fine, running at a good pace but then all of the sudden I felt my muscles… empty. No energy. I stopped in my tracks, waited a few more minutes then started running again. I had to stop twice more during my run… [Read More]

Taking your mind elsewhere

One of our Up & Running participants Angie posted a great question in the comments of my Ironman 70.3 conclusion: I really struggle with the mind thing and the negative thoughts exactly like yours. Even with my swimming. I know I can swim a 3km open water, but even at the next one I have… [Read More]