Check up time!

I’d been feeling a little blue in the month of march, but I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten until I found myself in tears one morning at 7.00 am. My husband hugged me, I had already given him a “heads up” a few days before that something was wrong, I just couldn’t figure out what. Life felt good at the moment, work was chugging along and I felt like I had everything in check. And yet, something felt off. I tend to put things in a psychological perspective for myself (how are you feeling?), but since I knew that everything was A-ok I decided to go have a thorough medical exam. This for me included a visit to my medical doctor, blood tests and a sports stress test. First up: my doctor.

We’ve had this family doctor for years but I’ve only seen him once. I just don’t get sick that often, and when I do I usually just need to rest and everything takes care of itself. When I called him for the appointment I had to remind him who I was because the last time he’d seen me was three years ago. He let me know that in the meantime he had switched offices and gave me the new address. I was there the next morning feeling a little puzzled while waiting for my turn. When I walked in there was one elderly lady sitting next to the door and then five other elderly men walked into the office. On the wall next to the door was a big traffic light. All of the sudden the red light switched to green and the lady jumped up from her chair and rushed went into the examining room and closed the door behind her. She never came back out! About five minutes later I saw the green light come back on again and took the signal to enter the door for my appointment. With my very ancestral method of drawing I want to show you my Doctor’s genius floor plan…

He must have thought this up one night…

I walked in to find my Doctor standing on the other side of a big round table. There were no chairs for patients to sit at so I just stood on the other side of the table. I’m pretty sure he thought this whole system up himself to cut waiting room bickering and wasted time with the older patients that come into his office on a daily basis. Plus, even for himself he’s totally on top of the whole “standing desk” movement. He efficiently asked me what I was there for and I started to tell him about feeling blue even though everything else was fine. He asked me about 20 other questions and then looked up from his computer screen and said “Magnesium! Anytime you start to feel down the first thing you need to do is supplement with magnesium!” He scribbled out on a prescription for over the counter magnesium supplement along with some B6. He also gave me a full panel blood test to see if there was anything else going on. I’ll have the results for those this week.

In the meantime I’ve been taking the Magnesium for a total of 350mg a day and I have to say that his diagnosis was spot on. I feel like a totally different person. In retrospect I can see that I had a few other symptoms like cramping and muscle spasms, which I had just attributed to my regular activities. The depression was completely wiped out within just a few days and I’m feeling like myself again. Now who would have thought that just one little mineral would have thrown my whole body of center?

Next up: my sports physical stress test!