Running Roundup #6

Running RoundupIn Running Roundup we share links about running – or not about running at all – that have warmed our cockles. If you’ve spied a story or have one of your own to share, give us a shout!

  • Why running is the perfect pastime for geeks – Guardian running blog (via Cels on the U&R Forum)
    “… running is a solitary business. It’s a chance to turn inward, to escape the roar of everyday life. While the cliche of nerds as loners is at best outdated and at worst just out-and-out wrong, most of us are happy spending time with ourselves.” A great post but the photo of a jogging George Osbourne is haunting my dreams!
  • My Secret Weapon – Tea and Cookies
    Now you might find this link is rather tenuous for a running blog, but a runner has gotta eat! I was in geek heaven reading about how Tara organises her mighty freezer. This is the stuff made of (convenient) dreams!
  • Finding (& Sharing) the Beauty in Your Life – Medicinal Marzipan
    “You have a choice with social media, like you do with just about everything. You choose to use it in a way that lifts you up, or in a way that breaks you down. Do you want to spend your everyday comparing yourself to everyone around you? How does that make you feel, honestly?”. A very thoughtful post from Mara.
  • And finally, check out these creations from three writers who happen to be Up & Running alumni!