Yes, I am S.A.D.

This week I have been blue. Really blue. Like teary and sleepy and thinking that my favourite past time should not be running but cupcake baking.

Yum to violet frosting!
Yum to violet frosting!

The trickiest part of any moment of being down is that you get scared that it might last forever. Or maybe that’s just me. But then I remembered, hey, didn’t this happen last year sometime around February? Oops, maybe even the year before…

My local weather :(
My local weather 🙁

I usually sit around for half a day in a daze before I remember my #1 tool for getting help: my family and friends. My husband told me to get out and do something different; something that made me happy for just that moment. My friend Alessia told me change my regular routine, instead of swim, bike, run go walk, karate chop or Crossfit. Just talking to them made me feel better, but mostly looking at the weather report and realizing that it’s been raining for ten days in a row (ten days!) probably has a lot to do with my feeling blue.

Today there’s a small window of good weather sometime between 3 and 4PM so I’ve scheduled my running for that exact moment. Tomorrow I’ll going to take full advantage of the sun and go for a long walk in the afternoon. Then I’ll buckle down with loads of self care and wait for spring to arrive.

  1. Anne
    Just realising it happens every Feb. is a good thing. It's been so hot for so long here and every one is complaining, but I'd take this weather any day over the short endless days of late winter. Lovely violet cupcake. A friend just had the most gorgeous tiny little red haired girl - and her name is violet. Hope it's a good run in the small window of sun. xxx
    • Shauna
      Oh what great name for a ginger bairn! :)