Hands off the Olympics!

The Winter Olympics sneaked up on me this year. Maybe because in our household we’re more aware of the Summer Olympics, with the track and field, athletics and whatnot. I’d memorised the name of the Russian host city a few months ago. It was easy because the pronunciation is the same as the Italian word for “associates”.

sochi4I don’t really watch the evening news anymore and I rarely buy a newspaper except if I’m traveling and have the luxury to read it for an hour. But it was impossible not to read the online coverage of all the controversy surrounding the host country.

On one hand I absolutely agree with (most) of the world that wanted to protest against this Olympics for political reasons. I believe that we are all created equal, and growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area contributed to my adult political choices.


On the other hand I also know how much time and effort a professional athlete puts into getting to the Olympics. Four years is barely enough time for them to get prepared, IF they’re able to make it that far. It’s physical, mental and financial. The pro athletes I know sacrifice their entire lives for this one opportunity.


I’m happy that the 2014 Winter Olympics have shown some light on the very serious problems that Russia has in their equality laws.


But remember that the Olympics is all about the athletes. Without them, they simply would not exist.