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Julia’s Ironman Emilia Romagna Race Report

In the weeks leading up to Ironman Emilia Romagna I was nervous without knowing why. I kept asking myself why I should do this race if the mental preparation was going to crush me. The training was going well, but the summer heat just never seemed to end. Training in August, when I had the… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman Barcelona Race Report – Part IV

Today we conclude Julia’s epic Ironman tale. Here’s Part III if you missed it. The run course was crowded and crazy. We were about 8.5 hours into the race and the pro athletes were finishing up. There were almost two thousand triathletes running on a ten kilometre loop fighting for space. On the narrow parts of… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman Barcelona Race Report – Part III

Continued from Part I and Part II. I did a complete clothing change in T1. I wanted to be comfortable on the bike since I’d be on that saddle for most of the day. My left hand strength is still not what it used to be before the accident so it took a little more… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman Barcelona Race Report – Part II

Today we continue Julia’s epic race report. Here’s Part I if you missed it! Ironman Barcelona is not actually in the city of Barcelona but rather a beachside resort town thirty miles east called Calella. Our hotel in Calella was smack in front of the finish line with a view of the beach. During lunch… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman Barcelona Race Report – Part I

I signed up for Ironman Barcelona last December while traveling home by train after Christmas. As I checked my email, an advert popped out saying there were only fifty places, hurry and grab one. After Ironman Zurich I thought I wanted to wait another two years before racing another, but Ironman Barcelona was to be held… [Read More]

Julia’s Ironman 70.3 Pescara – 2015 edition

Ironman 70.3 Pescara was my first important race leading up to Ironman Barcelona this next October. I wanted to use it to gauge if my current training was going in the right direction. On race morning Piero and Evan stayed in bed while I got ready, had breakfast and hitched a ride with friends to… [Read More]

Ironman Zurich Race Report – Part III

Here’s the final instalment of Julia 140.6 mile Zurich adventure! Check out Part I and Part II if you missed ’em… The Run Run Training My knee had been bothering me all year but it took a turn for the worse sometime in June. My osteopath said the meniscus had been knocked out of place… [Read More]

Ironman Zurich Race Report – Part II

Julia continues her epic Ironman tale… here’s Part I if you missed it! The Bike Bike Training IMZ is one of the last Ironman races to fill up. With Ironman Austria, UK or Germany you have to be in front of your computer the minute they open registration. But IMZ is well known for being difficult due to… [Read More]

Ironman Zurich Race Report – Part I

A few days before racing Ironman Zurich I posted a message on a women’s Facebook group that I belong to that summed everything up for me: TRIATHLON THROWBACK THURSDAY These photos are from a Sprint Triathlon in Trieste that I raced in May 2000. I’d started racing triathlons in ’97 in Tuscany, one of only 42… [Read More]

Zell am See 70.3 – Part III

It’s time for the final and most deliciously  TRIUMPHANT instalment of Julia’s Austrian Ironman 70.3 adventure. You can Catch up on Part I and Part II, too! I didn’t like the run course at all. I’m pretty sure the Ironman executives sat around a table and agreed that all 70.3 events should be three loops… [Read More]