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20% off… can you feel the love?

Here’s a special deal on all our Courses and Training Guide downloads for today only… use the code RUNLOVE for 20% off!

Spring 5K and 10K – one month to go!

Up here in the Scottish Highlands, the days are slowly getting longer. On my walk yesterday there was still a trace of blue in the sky at 5pm. I spotted a few green buds on trees. Springtime… it’s a-coming! And that means there is just ONE MONTH TO GO ’til our Spring 5K and 10K… [Read More]

Your last chance for 5K glory this year!

Welllllllll… technically we suppose there are other ways you could reach 5K glory. But we wholeheartedly reckon that our eight week course is the best, most supportive and most fun way to do it! Our final 5K Beginners Course for 2013 starts next Monday 3 September. Here’s the good word from some of brand new… [Read More]

Last chance to buy our full colour Training Diary

You know our wonderful Training Diary? The one with the perpetual format so you can start any time, and the awesome boxes to scribble in and the race log and the inspiring essays? Well, from Monday 20 August Lulu is discontinuing their spiral-bound full colour print format. This means after this date, the Diary will… [Read More]

Countdown to Summer e-courses – one week ’til lift off!

There’s just one week to go ’til our Summer 5K & 10K e-courses begin. If you fancy running this summer (or hopefully pleasant Southern Hemisphere winter), we’d love to help you. The coaching support, the cheer squad, the fab course blog to get you inspired and perspired, and possibly the world’s best forum emoticons –… [Read More]

A word about Boston

When the bombing in Boston happened on Patriot’s day I received hundreds of messages from family and friends making sure that I wasn’t in Massachusetts that day. I wasn’t (thank goodness) though I did have many clients and friends that were. All are well and accounted for. What happened was horrific, and unfortunately it’s not… [Read More]

Message for Running Diary purchasers from 11 & 12 December

Hello all, If you happened to have ordered one of our Running Diaries on 11 or 12 December we discovered there was an error in the page sequence. It has been corrected by our designers so we’d like to resend the corrected copy to our lovely customers, but Lulu doesn’t give out the order details and addresses… [Read More]

Behold! It’s the Up & Running Diary!

Hello all, If you happen to have ordered one of our Running Diaries on December 11 or 12 we’ve just noticed a error in the page sequence and are having it corrected by our designers. We’d like to resend the corrected copy to our lovely customers but Lulu doesn’t give out the addresses (and rightly… [Read More]

Blog Tour: Fitbloggin

Today we’re visiting the Fitbloggin blog. Fitbloggin is a conference for health and fitness bloggers and is the brain child of legendary blogger Roni Noone. I went along to Baltimore last year and had The Time of my life – never has there been a more welcoming, down-to-earth and cosy conference. I cannae wait for… [Read More]

Win a place on our Fall courses at

There’s just two weeks to go before our final 5K and 10K courses of 2012 begin! To spread the good word about Up & Running we’re doing a mini tour of some fabulous blogs this week. First up today we’re at Swim Bike Mom, home of the amazing Meredith who’s recently signed up for her… [Read More]