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Run for Elio (Corro per Elio)

On the day of my hit-and-run bike accident I got an email from my friend Vito Palmiotti who works for  the company 3M (think post-its!) in Milan. He’s full of enthusiasm for running and has spread the love to his colleagues by creating a running team of more than sixty employees. The Milan 3M headquarters has a private park… [Read More]

On perfection, basketball and running…

I settled into my court side seat at my eleven year old son’s basketball practice, taking in the scene before opening my laptop to finish some work. A new boy had joined the team and stood in front of the coach. “So, what should I do?” he asked as he held the ball in both hands.  He looked… [Read More]

Setting your 2015 intentions

My husband and I have a New Year’s day tradition: after waking without an alarm then a leisurely lunch, we head for the beach to have a coffee and watch the sunset. I can’t remember when we started doing this, but it’s been so long that it’s a given. I’m not even a sunset kind of gal,… [Read More]

Holiday gift ideas for runners

If you’re looking for a gift for the runner in your life, or you’re a running wanting to drop some big fat hints to your loved ones, here are some Up & Running goodies for your consideration! Gift Certificates We have gift certificates for our Spring 5K Course as well as the self-paced 10K, Half Marathon and… [Read More]

Decluttering and finding your happy spark

A few weeks ago when making the rounds of my favourite blogs several of them wrote about a book by a Japanese author named Marie Kondo. She specialises in tidying and decluttering and her latest work has become an international best seller. The cover says 2 million copies sold but I’m positive that number is up to 3 million… [Read More]

How does running make your life awesome?

We always say that running is like a secret superpower. You can bust it out at any time, whether that be a mad dash for the bus or a quiet jog to turn around a crappy mood. We asked some lovely runners to tell us what running has brought to their lives and we loved the… [Read More]

Behind the scenes at The Color Run

When I participated in the The Color Run here in Italy last summer I had extra fun because one of my friends was a color station volunteer. I thought it be fun to have a peek behind the scenes of this crazy event and find out what it’s like to hurl rainbows at people… and ask how… [Read More]

What’s it like to run with us?

“I can run on my own… but I’m still running with friends!” – Paula, UK It’s hard to show here on the outside what it feels like inside our running courses. How the energy zings when a bunch of like-minded women get together in pursuit of a common goal. It’s empowering, fun and kickass. In this video we… [Read More]

What is Up & Running, anyway?

More exciting news! We have a brand new swanky video, which explains to the world what we do here at Up & Running in one minute flat. Thank you for all your good cheers for the Up & Moving launch last week. The Moving movement is growing by the day and now my mission is to coax… [Read More]

Marathon inspiration

One of the things I love about running is what a big chain of friendships it creates. Not just in our own running courses but with the many people I’ve met around the globe. About a year ago my good friend Kathrine Switzer shot me an email to let me know that a friend of… [Read More]