Running Roundup #9

Running Roundup

This week’s Running Roundup is full of good reads to calm the mind and save your sanity! If you’ve spied a story or have one of your own to share, give us a shout!

  • Clearly indentify the habits of fear – Kate Swoboda @ The Daily Love
    “The good news: courage isn’t something you have or don’t have–it’s what you choose to practice.” Oh wow. I think I’m practising nearly all of the habits of fear listed in this post. Let me know if this post speaks to you, too!
  • Take10 programme – Get some headspace
    I’ve been trying out the free Take10 programme – ten minutes of meditation for ten days via the free app. Who knew it would be so bloody hard to be still for ten minutes with no distractions? I’m as zen as a box of frogs thus far, but I’ll persist!
  • The Tricky, Troubling, Anxiety-Fraught Relationship Between Food, Exercise, & Body Image – SF Road Warrior
    Great thoughts from Angela on those “I run so I can eat cupcakes” kind of t-shirts. (via Tessa)
  • Weekending – Katherine Lightner
    I love Katherine’s photos and musings on why she runs: “…why would you go to a gym when you have this? + and it’s free + and it’s the best feeling in the world to get up and go exploring + these moments of solitude with mother nature are precious and make me feel alive… sometimes you’ve just got to stop and appreciate the now and the wonder around you…”
  • Instapaper
    I used to bookmark gazillions of must-read articles then promptly forget them. Problem solved with one of my long-time favourites Instapaper, a simple tool for saving web pages to read later. I use the bookmarklet to save all those tl;dr articles, then when going on a long train trip I like to open them on the mobile app in plain text mode and catch with no distractions.
  1. Jen
    I love the article about running/food/weight/body image. I do so much better when I work out to achieve goals other than weight loss.